R1.0 Rollup Bug Fixes (1 & 2)
Roll Up 2
7979 getText in a combo box returns incorrect value
6180 Wake mechanism broken on Motif
JDT Core
9169 Wrong code generation for comparison of string constants
7445 char/string concat bug
7455 Build problems when instance variable name matches constructor parameter name and assignment to this name in try block
7121 Not possible to export files directly in source folder
7920 Linux performance
8776 1.0 Snippet editor does not work with new J9 JCLs
8867 Arabic characters display as question marks in the ScrapbookEditor
8652 Ctrl+Space (Content Assist) does not work for Italian locale
7371 Update mechanism was broken by WSWB rollup 1.
3106 IBM JDK 1.3.0 SR 9a fails with space in path.
7289 WSAD allows the user to launch two intances of itself simultaneously against the same workspace
8528 "Incremental build takes 4-6 minutes to complete in WSAD 4.02"
Roll Up 1
5267 Cross - project build dependency
5218 AccSuper is not set properly
5268 Java compiler lookup switch
5343 Rename dialog conflict
5289 Class loader performance
5162 1.0 -- JSP breakpoints don't get removed
5581 NL Fragment bug
5266 NL missing externalization
5296 NL missing externalization
5306 NL missing externalization
5307 NL missing externalization
5433 NL missing externalization
5434 NL missing externalization
5339 Not responding in stack frame after breakpoint encountered
4911 Add to workspace stalled
4832 German: Fonts cannot handle German characters
5438 Support for using fragments in org.eclipse.rutime and org.apache.xerces
5006 Project rename changing case only
5498 Java Compile - code does not compile correctly in JDT
5508 JDT cannot support periods in the folders above the package name
4241 AssertionFailedException on shutdown
5216 TVT: Cannot type characters a,c,f,p,v,x,y and z in Task List description field on German machine
5314 Starting the debugger launches he second workbench in English
5238 Compare fails if it takes more than 20 seconds