Eclipse Platform Build Notes
Java Development Tooling UI

To see which bugs have been addressed in one of the builds simply open the JDT UI bugzilla query page, select status, resolution and the time frame.

========== Eclipse Build Input 3.2.1 Maintenance Stream ==========
Fixed bugs:
- 144747 [preferences] TVT3.2:TCT807: KO: Extra mnemonic on Content Assist Advanced preference page

========== Eclipse Build Input March 7th 2006 ==========
- JUnit: ITestRunListeners contributed to the org.eclipse.jdt.junit.testRunListener extension point
  cannot distinguish notifications from concurrently test runs. Therefore, notifications are now
  only sent out for a single active test run.

========== Eclipse Build Input February 13th 2006 ==========
- extended the quickFixProcessor extension point allow QuickFix processors to
  work on (non-jdt.core) problems contributed by reconcile participants.
  See apichanges_jdt-ui.html for details.
- extended the quickFixProcessor and quickAssistProcessor extension point
  allow processors defining a required source level.
- JUnit - rewrote parts of the JUnit view to allow test history and multiple concurrent test runs
- JUnit - removed internal extension point org.eclipse.jdt.junit.internal_testRunTabs

========== Eclipse Build Input February 7th 2006 ==========
- added bracketing sessionStarted and sessionEnded calls to the ICompletionProposalComputer protocol

========== Eclipse Build Input January 24th 2006 ==========
- added new API to NewTypeWizardPage and NewContainerWizardPage: accessors for labels and methods that open the
  selection dialogs can now be overridden and replaced by more specific implementations. 
- added new API to IPackagesViewPart to query and configure the 'link with editor' feature.

========== Eclipse Build Input January 17th 2006 ==========
- added Introduce Indirection refactoring
- added description and migration guide for the new rename type feature 
  "update similarly named declarations" to the JDT/UI web site:
  Providers of refactoring participants should read this document.

========== Eclipse Build Input January 10th 2006 ==========
- move of the content assist API additions from the various text plug-ins to jdt.ui:
   - reason: 
      - the collection-based API of ICompletionProposalComputer has no future in the RCP part of eclipse.
      - it is only currently used in jdt to allow contributions to the Java editor's content assistant
   - removed the unused ContentAssistInvocationContext class introduced for M2. Its functionality has been integrated
     into TextContentAssistInvocationContext, which has been moved to jdt.ui.
   - moved ICompletionProposalComputer to IJavaCompletionProposalComputer in the jdt.ui plug-in.
   - restored 'protected' visibility of CompletionProposalCollector.getContext() (as in 3.1)
- adopted changes in document setup and creation:
  - removed 'org.eclipse.core.filebuffers.documentCreation' extension
  - removed  'org.eclipse.core.filebuffers.IDocumentFactory' implementation
  - removed PartiallySynchronizedDocument
  - reworked setup of synchronization on document and annotation model
- bug fixing

========== Eclipse Build Input December 13th 2005 ==========
- new API to add unimplemented methods and constructors without any dialogs
  o OverrideMethodsAction.createRunnable(...)
  o AddUnimplementedConstructorsAction.createRunnable(...)
- new API to get the Java element from an editor input
  o JavaUI.getEditorInputJavaElement(IEditorInput)
- Java Outline and Quick Outline now work on external and repository files
- bug fixing

========== Eclipse Build Input December 6th 2005 ==========
- new API to open a package selection dialog on any scope
  o JavaUI.createPackageDialog(
         Shell parent, IRunnableContext context, IJavaSearchScope scope,
         boolean multipleSelection, boolean removeDuplicates, String filter)
- converted code to support the new  mutli-font in StyledText widget (for more
  details see Platform Text build notes)

========== Eclipse Build Input November 29th 2005 ==========
- new API to extend the all types dialog
  o JavaUI.createTypeDialog(Shell, IRunnableContext, IJavaSearchScope, int,
			    boolean, String, TypeSelectionExtension)
  o TypeSelectionExtension (org.eclipse.jdt.ui.dialogs)
  o ITypeInfoFilterExtension (org.eclipse.jdt.ui.dialogs)
  o ITypeInfoImageProvider (org.eclipse.jdt.ui.dialogs)
  o ITypeInfoRequestor (org.eclipse.jdt.ui.dialogs)
  o ITypeSelectionComponent (org.eclipse.jdt.ui.dialogs)
- new rename type feature "update similarly named elements" which
  affects refactoring participants. See description and migration
  guide on the JDT/UI website:

========== Eclipse Build Input November 22h 2005 ==========
- bug fixing

========== Eclipse Build Input November 15th 2005 ==========
- new API to open wizards:
o OpenNewAnnotationWizardAction
o OpenNewClassWizardAction
o OpenNewEnumWizardAction
o OpenNewInterfaceWizardAction
o OpenNewJavaProjectWizardAction
o OpenNewPackageWizardAction
o OpenNewSourceFolderWizardAction
- API added on ISharedImages

========== Eclipse Build Input October 11th 2005 ==========
- bug fixing

========== Eclipse Build Input September 13th 2005 ==========
- pushed down annotation navigation to JFace Text
- implementation changes:
  o Copy participants for Java elements are now notified about the inner most container into
    which the Java element gets pasted. In the past the destination was always the compilation
    unit even if the element got pasted into a type or method.

========== Eclipse Build Input September 6h 2005 ==========
- pushed down annotation ruler and text hovering to JFace Text
- bug fixing

========== Eclipse Build Input August 16th 2005 ==========
- bug fixing

========== Eclipse Build Input August 9th 2005 ==========
- enabled 'Fill argument names on completion' code assist preference per default
- bug fixing