PDE - build notes 3.2 stream
Here are the build notes for the Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment.  The component contains 6 plug-ins: org.eclipse.pde, org.eclipse.pde.core, org.eclipse.pde.doc.user, org.eclipse.pde.junit.runtime, org.eclipse.pde.runtime, and org.eclipse.pde.ui.

Eclipse Platform Build Notes
Plug-in Development Environment

537 Problem Reports Fixed in the 3.2 Release Since 3.1.2

ID Summary
8502 SH: progress indicates "setting classpath" twice
24951 Source lookup confused if same type is defined in different projects
28758 Extension Point Schema Editor searches for resource in wrong place
30615 Depolyable Plugin export wizard cut off in High Contrast
32832 2.1RC1; test A8.12 DTD field looks confusing and ugly
34165 Manifest builder should keep build.properties and plugin.xml in sync or at least mark inconsistencies
34317 plugin dependencies view menu entries have bad names
37662 [plan item] Improve plug-in debugging
50703 Cannot create plug-in build file if another plug-in is invalid
51336 Provide an Externalize String action for manifest editors
51865 Plugin class creation wizard should create complete javadoc
51868 Plug-in ID option on Plug-in Class Creation wizard
52894 Need an extension to expose plug-in javadoc
57335 Can't use ctrl-arrow in schema editor
60055 [New Schema Editor] Wrong overlay on reference objects
60058 [New Schema Editor] ClassCastException on Paste action
61527 Schema editor: Attribute DnD is broken
62388 NPE from schema editor
63152 Adding a library does not update the build.properties
64708 Plugin manifest editor outline view context menu empty
64735 PDE "widget disposed" while opening feature editor
65164 missing source when debugging runtime workbench from empty workspace
65393 Ctrl/Shift/B doesn't work in PDE
66625 NPE in RequiresSection#modelChange
68035 PDE target platform should produce a hierarchical plugins sites list
72296 Refactor->Move java class does not update plugin.xml
73275 No mechanism from user defined extension template to save plugin.xml
74663 Error when running tests with missing plugins does not provide enough info
75326 add plugin filter in the New Extension dialog
76788 [Build Properties] Deleting runtime libraries with spaces in library name does not delete from source
76974 plugin.xml syntax coloring fails across multiple lines
77822 PDE Extension FormPage Object Contribution "Browse "does not propose java interfaces
77899 Schema editor: extension point elements is scrolled to bottom initially
78469 "Working Directory" is not listed in the "Run..." dialog
79432 defaults for new PDE launch configurations
79786 Too easy to drag a field, and resulting order is incorrect
81322 Plugin registry view does not behave well in the case of dynamic changes
81396 Body Text area of the Extensions page can't handle certain characters
82057 Preference "Use source page as the default" doesn't seem to be used
82142 Import external plug-ins should handle extension directories
82237 PDE must provide an IContainmentAdapter for their working set
82819 No "Export the entire library" with manifest
83253 classpath errors
84336 update classpath action removes source attachments from library jars
84368 Better visual representation of schema
85503 Prompt for program args
86796 Universal string substitution variables
87243 Compile errors in generated RCP Mail when no Plugin class generated.
88642 Implementations of WorkbenchLaunchConfigurationDelegate.launch is too monolithic
88688 Adding source folder could update build.properties file
88792 No feedback when entering incorrect values
89046 PDE Target Platform doesn't recognize Bundle-Localization header
90102 Search for package references in 'Export Packages' section
90202 can be more window images
90675 Plugin Manifest editor renders search result annotations in wrong editor
95043 Converting project into plug-in project doesn't add Required Plug-ins Library
95065 build.properties and MANIFEST.MF could use some syntax coloring
95253 NPE exporting features
95848 Plugin Manifest Editor Crashes
96082 Product Export does not support localization via plugin.properties
96372 Warnings for properly externalized fragment.xml
96510 Widget disposed in product editor
97382 D1.15 text entry fields need more lines
97445 hung opening "open type dialog"
97458 Lots of flicker in PDE editor
98185 allow the user to specify a JRE profile
98402 Unresolved host is not flagged
98639 Import required plug-ins with Finish does nothing
98692 Dynamic classpath not updated for extra.<jar> property
98794 GB18030: DBCS chars are replaced by question marks in Plug-in Manifest Editor
98838 [RC1] Refactor Move package does not update Exported Packages in manifest
99091 Allow .product file to extend generated config.ini
99704 Eclipse application launch configuration file format should be platform independent
99773 [RC2] Runtime/Classpath list does not allow multiple selection
99917 Plug-in working set allows empty name and no entries
100350 keyword 'colors' does not reveal 'Editors' preference page
100590 Extra argument when launching a runtime workbench
100802 launch eclipse application/product should use error view
101479 Plug-ins working set labeling
101544 Cannot compile SWT 3.0 performance tests
101567 Investigate possible build classpath caching problem in platform
101629 Run As > JUnit Plug-in Test starts in Resource perspective
101876 Extra Classpath Entries - Add JARs produces bad paths
101965 Update Classpath ... menu clears the entries in the source tab
102114 Registry view uses pre-3.0 runtime APIs
102335 Unable display the full Arguments tag in run function
102419 Variable substitition in Eclipse app launch configuration
102426 "Clear workspace data before launching" is being ignored
102792 Specifying plug-in class in the Overview Pane failes to include it in automatically started plug-ins
103647 Schema form based editor doesn't surface schemaLocation
103704 [wizard][new plug-in project] Missing option for non-ui rcp plugin
104277 Unresolved classpath for bundles exporting java.* packages
104348 New Plugin Project Wizard has IllegalArgumentException when % in project name
104739 Incorrect Bundle-Activator in Manifest.mf causes load problems
105295 Product export doesn't export a working product
105419 site.xml editor not handling '&' properly
105906 PDE "Project Builder and Nature" Extension Wizard overwrites "org.eclipse.core.resources.markers" extension
106181 Export wizard should not directly expose "javacSource" and "javacTarget"
106211 [plan item] Improve target support
106212 [plan item] New source lookup for debugging Eclipse applications
106395 Need a pretty OSGi App launcher
106441 Match rules entered in the feature editor doesn't stick.
106469 [Model] Browsing for a config.ini in a workspace with many closed projects causes error
106727 PDE should issue a warning/error for unresolved references in build.properties
106833 wrong background color in the source code locations preferences
106900 Better UI for specifying version dependencies
107053 Runtime Classpath Should Have Broader Use
107067 Export wizard does not generate Ant script when deploying a plug-in
107489 Need an option to create a simple OSGi project
107770 Error Log 'event details' is slow for large stacktraces and there's no progress/hourglass
108076 Javadoc attachments are broken
108195 Extensions are not immediately detected
108267 Bundle template code is not generated
108429 Distinguishing between pure OSGi bundles and plugin.xml-less plugins
108457 PDE java 1.5 - Needs to check current runtime is good enough
108667 Creating product extension from product config editor could fill in more defaults
108954 Error at project creation - no manifest file created with classpath contains '&'
108993 provide category for PDE import and export wizards
109028 'Find references' should look inside plugin.xml too
109078 RequiredPluginsInitializer should implement getComparisonID
109160 LogView class returning null LogEntry objects
109335 Plug-in Dependencies not properly adjusted when fragment project opened/closed
109383 Dependency weirdness with I20050906-0800/N20050912-0010
109488 Product Editor, feature selection shows multiple features of the same revision
109507 Cannot associate source attachment to Extra Classpath Entry
109823 plugin classpath (“Bundle-ClassPath”) is ignored during compile time?
109997 [javadoc] warnings in midnight build
110019 new Launch configurations broken
110028 log-viewer: show last log on top instead of bottom
110041 label in preference page looks ugly
110062 Cannot add arguments to the configuration for junit plug-in tests
110128 Adding an intro to my product corrupts my manifest
110159 New launch configurations won't launch on Linux
110204 add support for Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment
110368 There should be a warning when user enters an invalid version number
110398 New API package is not listed in the manifest.mf
110824 Trying to create launch config results in StackOverflowError
110952 In example XML editor, the field XML_DEFAULT is defined in XMLPartitionScanner but not used
111030 Generate 3.2 manifests
111038 Widget is Disposed error from Source Outline
111171 Externalizing manifest.mf files are one character off
111172 manifest.mf validator does not flag untranslated attributes
111173 should be possible to depend on system.bundle
111174 Finish button remains enabled
111201 Schema not available for single-jar plug-ins
111275 New extension dialog could show the extension point name in the wizrd description area
111372 Find Unused dependencies does not take into account Import-Package
111407 Editable fields in read-only editors
111408 Illegal argument exception when exporting eclipse product
111465 NPE attempting to launch
111489 Deprecate Eclipse-AutoStart
111551 config area not cleared
111552 no way of setting default start level in launch config
111553 more execution environments needed
111554 Lazystart=true seems to be the default
111555 use of "profile" in Execution environment unfortunate
111556 no warning when EE is not satisfied
111561 new plugin from existing JAR should allow for creating bundles
111562 issues with new plugin from jars
111715 Blank line in manifest invalidates following lines
111726 classpath problems
111776 provide a quickfix for Eclipse-AutoStart
111806 Duplicate Import-Package and Export-Package Headers in Manifest File
111928 Launcher does not pickup new default JRE
112307 allow configurable default for workspace used when running a new plugin testcase
112309 PDE's plugin manifest editor cannot show image correctly in special case
112333 Feature synchronize breaks plugin manifest
112560 Need a quickfix for Importing/Exporting "java" or "java.*"
112575 PDE search participant misses a hit
112576 Not every hit is a class
112601 mainfest-editor corrupts plugin.xml
112707 Jared's classpath is not being updated.
112770 Warn about <project> entries left over in the .project file
113004 Plug-in dependencies UI element disappears when using working-set
113034 Cannot access config directory information from EclipseApplicationLaunchConfiguration
113098 PDE Tools > Organize Manifest reformats my manifest file
113728 Organize exports is too generous
114113 feature manifest editor does not open second feature.xml
114161 Product Export Dialog should populate based on configuration
114367 Java Search misses PDE hits
114573 Bundles that export/imports the same package cannot build
114642 Need a way to add plugins to a feature even though they are not resolved
114683 support for deprecating extension points
114733 Reconciler is broken in build.properties source page
114814 Plug-in "Build" tab doesn't allow change of JAR name
114817 Plug-in exporter really wants to "Package plug-ins as individual JAR archives"
114920 Default location for launch configurations is odd
114951 Require-Bundle used to gather a split package is not handled correctly
114955 bad bin.includes entry causes index out of bounds exception in build properties editor
115008 Run As/Debug As menus often contain non-applicable items
115045 Move refactoring participants don't work with multi-selection
115173 Help template is missing
115375 NPE when re-opening projects
115502 Sample's content provider is broken.
115503 Eclipse-AutoStart Header in MANIFEST.MF gives compile error
115637 Product export should honor plugin projects' JRE library setting
115677 Product export dirties plugin.xml file
116317 ambiguous Assert class after runtime adds Assert API
116532 Cancel after changing a compiler setting disables OK button
116877 Launcher messagebox "Do you really want to clear..." interprets "Escape" keypress as a "No" button click
116882 import plugins from search view
116884 Typo in update classpaths job name
116919 Plug-in Manifest Editor loses dependency addition
117094 TVT3.1.x:TCT220: EL plug-in id & key change of word order required
117117 Cannot launch after changing target platform
117490 PDE UI puts jars from the .classpath into dev.properties
117527 [Eclipse Forms] Switching from product configuration from plug-in to feature looses the content of the other pages from the editor
117558 PDE Perspective no longer needs a property sheet
117573 Building a feature using an update site (site.xml) ends up building it for JRE 1.5
117605 No mnemonics on required plugins properties dialog
117732 Description unnecessarily cleared in new extension wizard
117766 default focus to text box on plugin import wizard
117848 Some values are not stored after switchinng to the source page
117936 NPE when pasting elements in new schema editor
117937 Unpredictable import failures with PDE
117963 NPE in ExtensionsErrorReporter
118008 Default field should be disabled.
118121 Editor gets marked dirty without reason
118212 Jar manifest.mf editor should offer structural compare like java properties file editor
118271 SchemaEditor - enhancements
118301 Conflicting mnemonics in PDE Product Export dialog
118400 Tab no longer works PDE editor (plugin.xml and MANIFEST.MF)
118580 Glitches in program/vm arguments tab
118620 Binary import of jar'd plug-in doesn't work if jar has a different name
118669 Changing Eclipse-AutoStart to Eclipse-LazyStart should enforce a requirement on osgi 3.2
118694 Simplify use of config.ini in launcher
118849 Cannot launch Equinox with no plugins selected
118850 PDE Launcher does not put the "program arguments" at the end of the command line arguments
118917 Default working directory setting not working correctly
118936 "Add JARs..." to Build.properties spams user about closed projects
119032 NPE when trying to open schema editor on plugin.xml of imported plugin
119190 Synchronize .product/plugin.xml creates "empty" windowImages property when no images are specified in .product file
119668 Update PDE dialogs to extend the new TrayDialog instead of Dialog
119768 Support multi-select to remove dependencies
119802 incorrect manifest marker
119824 Strange structure comparison of MANIFEST.MF
119843 Exporting a plug-in leaves file javaCompiler...args
120287 target platform location with out "plugins"
120326 Source attachment for jdt/core is not found
120354 build.properties editor: Build execution environment combo should have border
120373 Copy event details should include session data
120525 NullPointerException in import wizard
120702 Wrong disabled arrow icon in Error Log > Event Details dialog
120706 [NLS] Wizard skips some non-externalized strings
120773 Classpath libraries from build.properties not found on initial checkout
120801 NPE when opening external manifest
120938 Schema editor is not all disabled
121036 Importing plugins gives dialog about unsupported execution environment
121045 Launching an application does not set -launcher
121093 Menu doesn't appear in schema editor until selection made
121209 Schema Editor does not refresh tree when adding a sequence
121245 New fragment dialog exposes old notion for matching rules
121299 Element details enhancements
121310 Eclipse product dialog is too large
121332 JSE 6 java profile is missing
121578 Log export appends .log to file I choose.
121622 Os specific tabs in the product editor should open on the current os
121735 Branding with .bmp files does not seem to work
122329 'up' button in plugin.xml editor trashes the xml
122430 Enable grid lines in Error Log view
122638 Mark deprecated extensions and attributes in generated schema doc
122677 Should cast to IStructuredSelection instead of StructuredSelection
122872 Internal error when retrieving javadoc
122938 documentCreation extension point has been deprecated
122953 NPE opening plugin-in from feature manifest editor if the plug-in is not in workspace
123021 Product editor needs to be able to read old image attributes
123105 Poor layoput in New Extension dialog
123107 Typos in org.eclipse.pde.ui.templates description
123128 Fragment creation wizard unexpectedly sets host version
123144 Manifest editor Extensions tab mangles plugin.xml
123206 Initialize the Target Profile
123242 Can't launch 3.2 using 3.1.x
123247 No Browse button available for icon selection
123262 Typo in method description
123281 Outline for plugin.xml has empty root
123426 Plug-in dependencies can become inconsistent
123486 Feature Export is Disabled
123491 Target Editor does not update remove/remove all buttons correctly
123493 The convert to xhtml operation uses a JRE-specific type
123581 [Error Log] Tooltips stay open and steal focus
123603 Missing optional pre-req shouldn't show error icon
123641 adding to Bundle-ClassPath property breaks plugin Product export
123788 Implicit plugins tab does not refresh after loading target profile
123988 Target profile optional/required for plugins and features
124090 Take advantage of IAccessRule#IGNORE_IF_BETTER
124102 NPE trying to add a required plug-in via manifest editor
124177 Exception if "Workspace..." button pressed on "Eclipse application" launch
124199 Attribute restrictions not properly removed by schema editor
124409 Migrate configs to provide resource mappings
124538 Product branding UI leads to errors during branding of launcher
124603 False warning after build.properties validation
124652 use osgi.bundles from target as template for equinox launcher
124660 Add counter and new filter to Plugins view
124672 Product editor should include fields for startup progress bar
124815 NPE using "Compute dependancy extent" action on some plugins
124859 Dynamic Plugin Dependencies picks random project
124940 Template Patch for PDE UI
124995 feature "missing required source folder 'src'"
125123 False warning in build.properties
125170 New Extension templates with radio buttons need UI update
125179 NPE in AbstractSearchResultPage$ContentProvider when doing "Search references in this plug-in"
125189 Several NPEs from BuildErrorReporter.reportErrors
125261 Spelling in problem message from cool new build.properties validation
125380 Plugin Dependencies classpath container missing when converting a project to plug-in project
125416 Better diagnostic messages on unresolved bundles
125430 What is the difference between a profile name and id
125435 profile vs target
125442 Dependency Extent search should skip anonymous classes
125481 PDE should add new package to MANIFEST.MF
125500 Invalid bundle symbolic name after plug-in project conversion
125640 PDE Target Location doesn't have a clear way to reset location
125646 can't export prebuilt packages
125759 Warning in plug-in generated from template
125913 New Extension dialog should give default focus to filter text field
125914 CCE trying to find unused dependencies
125994 IllegalArgumentException at Package Explorer initialization
126210 Esc in field dirties manifest editor
126225 Import Wizard Template
126236 NPE in ManifestOutline
126440 Plug-in Export dialog JAR signing tab not using dialog font
126517 New source lookup is broken
126606 NPE when saving Target Definition Editor
126652 Missing mnemonics for PDE tools menu entries
126687 Add support for patch fragments
126700 Plug-in Dependencies not updated when checking out required project
126703 Resource */build.properties does not exist in .log
126796 Product Editor Overview page goes grey and is unusable
126820 Product Editor Configuration Page disappears/causes errors
126821 ConcurrentModificationException in WorkspaceModelManager.fireModelProviderEvent
127055 Warning message for unmet dependency in Target Platform
127076 Assertion failure in manifest editor
127201 Check for missing Bundle-Activator class doesn't handle nested types properly
127282 plugin.xml is included in build.properties for osgi bundles
127358 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Index out of bounds in Manifest editor
127364 Organize Manifests wizard does not show smooth progress
127366 Remove unnecessary Eclipse-LazyStart does not work on AutoStart
127412 Can't paste in the copyright tab of the schema editor
127467 Include Descriptions on Target Definitions
127486 refactoring participant incorrectly modifies partial matches
127618 Initialize from target should read additional locations
127743 PDE project wizards generates too many methods and does not follow javadoc conventions
127833 Unnecessary attributes in fragment.xml when adding extensions
127904 SWTException: Widget is disposed creating new extension
127927 Dependency properties forgets max version
127930 NPE in Feature export wizard when switching to a ZIP destination
128095 Organize Manifests - "remove unused keys" removes too many keys
128129 NPE on PDE Tools -> Create Ant Build file for org.eclipse.platform.sdk
128329 activating plugin editor causes NPE
128342 add required plugins duplicates entries in target editor
128343 plugin list in target editor add plugin includes workspce plugins
128345 Reload the target platform from the target editor
128499 osgi.bundles jar entries have trailing /
128518 should "mark internal" default filter be *.internal*
128523 java.lang.NumberFormatException thrown by org.eclipse.pde.internal.ui.launcher.EquinoxPluginBlock
128533 org.eclipse.pde.junit.runtime can now be JARd
128535 Renaming a package does not update plugin.xml
128538 Builders and natures can finally be moved from org.eclipse.pde
128554 remove dependency on core.expressions
128598 Cannot export to other platforms using delta pack
128678 Organize manifest on plugin.xml
128683 Organize Manifest does not detect and remove all re-exported bundles
128687 Organize manifests wizard help button does nothing
128706 I could use "Externalize Strings' action in the manifest editor
128717 Feature Patch/Project wizards need revamping
128755 src before container
128757 More vertical spacing in feature project wizards
128822 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in log
128904 New version for the eclipse tag in the plugin.xml
128931 Wrong wizard banner graphic
128934 Manifest editor: Package Visibility (Eclipse 3.1 only)
128957 Incorrect warning about build.properties
128964 No PDE Tools->Create Ant build file on build.properties' context menu
128972 Cannot run PDE JUnit tests on self-defined target platform
129093 New Feature Wizard is too aggressive with overwriting fields
129094 Polish: Remove/Remove All should not be always enabled.
129097 Case inconsistency in Feature wizard
129103 Externalize strings interpret short-cut symbol & incorrectly
129181 Target Preview dialog has no close box
129284 FormToolkit is not being disposed
129324 Incorrect attibutes in Plug-in Registry view
129385 Organize Manifests Wizard missing banner icon
129571 NPE if extension of org.eclipse.pde.ui.pluginContent point does not contain _optional_ "description" sub-element
129692 ColorSelector unnecessarily dirties file
129721 Feature Import wizard needs to be revamped
129817 New dependencies from templates no longer added
129830 PDE Core preferences are initialized using a deprecated method
129834 Glitches in feature import wizard
130046 Removing an element from the classpath entry, moves focus out of the next selection
130105 Lock while synchronizing my workspace
130116 [MPE] BIDI: RTL orientation of plugin.xml file
130194 [registry]Source is missing from registry.compatibility zip
130199 Package navigation in ManifestEditor
130404 Glitch in plugin location in new registry view
130407 Wrong ordering in the registry view
130411 Copyright statements are missing on new java files
130414 Open Package is misleading
130424 New Registry view shows fragments
130426 NPE when invoking Externalize Strings
130625 Incorrect error marker on plugin.xml page
130664 Radio button layout in product editor
130687 Extensions are not being parsed for unresolved states
130700 Registry view does not auto-refresh when bundle becomes active
131157 Deadlock deleting plugin project
131175 Provide Lightbulb Quick Fixes in Manifest Source page
131324 Manifest editor: Selecting "Activate this plug-in when one its classes is loaded" clears unsaved changes in Manifest.MF
131391 Provide Lightbulb Quick Fixes in build.properties source page
131394 javacVerbose default should be false, not true
131420 No trailing punctuation on quick fix suggestions
131426 An empty key in ConstructedManifestEditorMessages.properties
131449 NPE selecting extension point from new extension wizard
131596 NPE when creating a new Schema file
131603 Enable assertions for new PDE JUnit launch configs
131701 exception "While loading class", thread JavaReconciler fighting RequiredPluginsInitializer
131777 Failure when adding an empty name as a libray name in the build configuration
131779 NPE replacing manifest.mf with an older version
131796 Null Pointer Exception in schema editor
131890 UI problems in JRE block on PDE launch config "Main" tab
131954 Imporve error reporting in manifest
132000 use of "Java Network Launch Protocol"
132126 garbled text for "External Features" in "Import" wizard
132134 version error not shown in the log
132249 Export is too restrictive for customBuildCallbacks
132266 Allow cycles in host-fragment relationships
132280 Double quick assist proposals
132281 A lightweight Externalize Strings quick assist
132344 need to adopt ICU4J APIs
132597 Need an IModelTextChangeListener for XML models
132757 Manifest's Bundle-Activator validation is too restrictive
132866 Need description for PDE perspective
132893 Extension points declared in fragments get wrong namespace
132991 Description text lost on focus change
133001 Plug-in Validation dialog problems
133070 Can't compile plugin with "Import-Package:" PDE container incomplete
133255 Bad instanceof check
133320 Progress monitor for analyzing code is not smooth
133326 Warnings in log for missing keys
133370 Manifest's Bundle-Activator validation cleanup
133424 Revert inadvertent API change
133457 Convert XHTML files and Create Help Index actions are hard to find
133460 XHTML converter needs to add XHTML producer and search participant
133516 JUnit's assertions preference affects Eclipse Runtime launch config
133641 Dependency Management Section does not update icon on target platform reload
133692 Add an 'Open Manifest' to projects to open the manifest editor
133742 Goto Package should be disable on External Plugin Manifest Editors
133791 NLS quickfix does nothing
133897 Externalize Strings wizard misses some headers
134001 Spinners need to have higher upper bound
134021 Enable Ctrl+1 short cut and menu for quick fix
134311 No validation done for Java project source/output folders in New Plug-in Project Wizard
134400 Import-Package Properties: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: invalid format
134426 double warning messages in product editor
134859 Poor error message when attempting to open schema description
134931 mail.ico provided with RCP Mail missing 24x24 8-bit image
135042 java search causes NPE in PDE
135280 Extension points not found when fully qualified
135412 Maintain selection when switching layouts in Plug-in Dependencies view
135480 Passing the "PDE Target Platform location" as an argument in an ExternalTools-Launcher
135582 Classpath list's Up/Down buttons should maintain selection
135596 Update code to make use of PDEModelUtility
135633 LogView sort is extremely slow especially that it uses the SimpleDateFormat
135661 Should run Dependency Management code before launching
135663 XHTML should no longer rename .html files to .xhtml
135792 New flag for incompatible environments
135976 Enhance PDE support for extension points specifying a namespace
135994 XHTML Conversion tool does not convert "extradir" html files
136083 PDE content type IDs changed
136172 quickfix to remove redundant x-internal
136205 Product file does not specify which plugins are fragments
136314 NPE in org.eclipse.pde.internal.ui.editor.plugin.DependencyManagementSection
136434 NPE launching a new Eclipse launch
136445 NullPointerException during export
136481 Error about extraneous empty line
136505 Classification of Foundation JREs
136668 Mnemonic conflict with "Configuration" Launch Configuration tab
136749 Renaming classpath libraries doesn't work
136772 Cheatsheet Create an RCP Application does not run
136876 Minor spelling mistake in Target Definition progress dialog
137032 Warnings in org.eclipse.pde
137173 Equinox-Launchconfigs cannot be debugged and started again
137407 New composite cheat sheet: Create an Eclipse plug-in using PDE
137460 Product Configuration Editor does not add com.ibm.icu plugin
137475 Exseption in org.eclipse.pde.internal.runtime.logview.LogView
137521 Update classpath changes "lib" entries to "src"
137558 Wrong dialog opens when renaming source folders in Build Editor
137648 No need for target platform setup in hello world cheatsheet
137700 Product editor generates a plugin list for a feature-based product
137723 Extensions editor does not show tooltip help for attributes any more
137891 Unable to create "Error Log" view (NullPointerException)
138082 Fixes / enhancements for composite cheat sheet: Create an Eclipse plug-in using PDE
138093 Adding an Imported Package Should Provide Default Version
138104 Target definition always includes all features
138127 Put Dependecy Analysis on right side when edit plugin.xml file
138128 Remeber the latest location when adding src folder for plugin platform
138174 Wrong diagnosis on Import-Package
138312 OS/NL/WS/ARCH specific plugins flagged as missing when they are not valid
138424 Update site cheatsheet link is broken
138439 typo for PDE>Editors>XML Highlighting
138466 JAR not exported when added to classpath
138475 Can't start eclipse when config.ini file in the platform contains fully qualified path
138535 Add an EE to the pde plug-ins
138563 New Feature Wizard is too large
138580 Incorrect name of generated enclosed class in manifest editor
138588 feature.xml editor: copyright and license editor-panes do not save
138613 Patch to accomodate for changes due to JUnit4 support
138654 Disregarding missing sub-features from required features
138704 "Features" list box in product editor not popluated with feature after clicking "New Feature..." button
138773 Product export wizard command does not work in RCP application cheat sheet
138782 No deprecation warning when using Import-Package header with specification-version attribute
138795 Presentation names for features
138803 EmptyStackException during schema parsing
138830 "Add Required Plug-ins" always enabled
139037 PDE can't resolve translated names for plugins in directory format
139073 Second Feature editor opens when another is already open
139074 Illegal argument exception in log using product export wizard
139104 Search out and add missing context based help to PDE views, forms and dialogs
139184 [Intro] Update migration link in What's New
139280 Reordering DND in extension point elements tree fails silently
139451 Glitches in labels
139482 Launch Configuration adds unneccesary plugins
139487 Typo in Plugin creation Cheatsheet
139513 C1.7 Refactoring does not update MANIFEST.MF
139541 Enhancements / fixes to composite cheat sheet: Creating a Rich Client Application
139553 A2 - Creating an Rich Client Application
139604 [PDE Form Editor] Unable to open invalid schemas
139610 Some cheat sheet steps for RCP app don't apply to the mac
139613 org.eclipse.text.edits.MalformedTreeException: Overlapping text edits
139622 RCP App cheat sheet icon steps don't work on mac
139665 Equinox application launcher dialog
139728 Implement work around for install/update bug in cheat sheet: Creating an Eclipse plug-in
139946 PDE needs to update copyrights
139968 NPE in BundleErrorReporter
140173 config.ini processing in PDE is unable to handle relative plugin paths in osgi.bundles list
140273 SWT should extend the new org.eclipse.pde.core.javadoc extension point
140905 No version range specified when requiring bundles
141196 new site attributes are flagged as errors
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