Eclipse Platform Build Notes
Java Development Tooling UI

To see which bugs have been addressed in one of the builds simply open the JDT UI bugzilla query page, select status, resolution and the time frame.

========== Eclipse Build Input January 16th 2007 ==========
- content assist now allows to specify a list of favorite static members
  which will be suggested without having an import in the CU
- added a preference to content assist whether to use static imports (5.0 or higher) 

========== Eclipse Build Input January 9th 2007 ==========
- add a preference to set the spelling user dictionary 

========== Eclipse Build Input November 21th 2006 ==========
- various improvements to the spelling engine that is contributed by this plug-in
- removed code which is no longer used since code to correct the spelling in an editor is now available in Platform Text
- bug fixing

========== Eclipse Build Input November 14th 2006 ==========
- improved performance of computing the folding structure by reusing the scanner
  which boosts editor opening performance for large files up to 10%.
- bug fixing

========== Eclipse Build Input 2006-10-17 ==========
- first cut of content assist support for fields and methods from unresolved types 
- bug fixing
========== Eclipse Build Input 2006-09-18 ==========
- improved class file editor when there's no source:
	- shows disassembled code
	- removed size limit
- bug fixing
========== Eclipse Build Input 2006-06-27 ==========
- 'Rerun Test' and 'Rerun Test - Failures First' are now commands that can be bound on
  the Keys preference page (category Run/Debug)
========== Eclipse Build Input 2006-06-20 ==========
- bug fixing