Test Results

Logs P20140317-1600

Unit Test Results for P20140317-1600

The table shows the unit test results for this build on the platforms tested. You may access the test results page specific to each component on a specific platform by clicking the cell link. Normally, the number of errors is indicated in the cell. A "-1" or "DNF" means the test "Did Not Finish" for unknown reasosns and hence no results page is available. In that case, more information can sometimes be found in the console logs.

Test Configurations
Linux, 1.7 VMMacOSX, 1.7 VMWin 7, 1.7 VM

Plugins containing compile errors or warnings

  The table below shows the plugins in which errors or warnings were encountered. Click on the jar file link to view its detailed report.

Compile Logs (Jar Files) Errors Warnings
Compile Logs (Jar Files) Forbidden Access Warnings Discouraged Access Warnings
/plugins/org.eclipse.jdt.debug_3.8.50.v20140317-1921/@dot.html 0 8
/plugins/org.eclipse.pde.api.tools.ui_1.0.450.v20140313-2003/@dot.html 0 5
/plugins/org.eclipse.pde.launching_3.6.101.v20140213-1419/@dot.html 0 6