Equinox (Logging) Project IP Log

This document lists the committers, contributions, and third party software included in the 3.5 Galileo release for the org.eclipse.equinox.log bundle. This document lists all committers and contributions made during the development of the bundle in the Equinox incubator.

Last updated: February 26, 2009


Committer Name dev.eclipse.org unix login name Organization
Simon Kaegi skaegi IBM
Stefan Liebig sliebig Compeople AG


Component (CVS directory) Bug # Contributer's Name Size Committer who committed
org.eclipse.equinox.log bug 169319 Sebastian Davids 5 lines skaegi
org.eclipse.equinox.log bug 169320 Sebastian Davids 11 lines skaegi

Third Party Software

Software Version License Location Usage IPZilla Approval Link