RSE Stable Build: 1.0M1
April 27, 2006

These downloads are provided under the Software User Agreement.

To get started, see the release notes.

RSE requires Eclipse-3.2 M6 or higher.
Eclipse 3.2 M5, 3.1 or lower will not work!
We've been testing with Eclipse-3.2 RC1a, built 19-Apr-2006 (download page)
SDK (includes client runtime, and source)
Platform Download
Dstore Server Runtime
Platform Download
Windows (Supported Versions)
Linux (Supported Versions) rseserver-1.0M1-linux.tar
AIX (Supported Versions) rseserver-1.0M1-aix.tar
Other Unix (Supported Versions) rseserver-1.0M1-unix.tar