TM Stable Build: S-3.4.2RC1-201301080414

2013 January 08 -- 04:14 (-0500)

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Build Notes

This is a release candidate toward TM release 3.4.2, our Juno SR2 contribution. Build and test results can be found at this Hudson job. The automated tests show no failures but not all of our automated tests could be run in this build. These should be corrected before GA.


TM 3.4.2 requires Eclipse 3.4 or later. RSE Import/Export as well as FTP and Telnet require Java 1.5 or higher, the rest of RSE works with Java 1.4. For core RSE and TM-Terminal, the Eclipse Platform Runtime Binary is sufficient. The SDK and other packages are available from our milestone update site.


Client Runtimes

Platform Download Notes
AllRSE-runtime-3.4.2-RC1.zipRuntime for local, dstore, ftp, ssh, and telnet
AllRSE-useractions-3.4.2-RC1.zipAdditional runtime for user-defined actions and compile commands

DStore Server Runtimes

Platform Download
Other Unixrseserver-unix-3.4.2-RC1.tar
Mac OS X (experimental)rseserver-macosx-3.4.2-RC1.tar