CDT 5.0.1 Build I200808290803 (RC1)

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CDT Master Feature

To install CDT:

  1. Download the master zip file and put it somewhere on your machine.
  2. Fire up Eclipse (The Platform Run-time 3.4 is minimum recommended)
  3. Help->Software Updates
  4. On the Available Features tab, select Manage sites...
  5. Add... in the master zip as an Archive...
  6. Under CDT Main Features select the one you want. C/C++ Development Tools is the main one. The SDK adds in the schemas and source for building extensions to the CDT. The C/C++ Development Platform is the Tools without the GNU toolchain support.
  7. You can install other neat things, including the Mylyn bridge, from the CDT Optional Features category.

This feature has everything, including: