PTP Update Site

Welcome to the PTP update site page for Release 2.0.

Release information and configuration instructions are available on the downloads page.

Installing from the Update Site

To install PTP from the update site, in the Help menu select Software Updates and then Find and Install, Select Search for new features to install and click Next. Click New Remote Site to add an update site with the URL:

The Name: can be anything you choose, e.g. "PTP 2.0 Update Site." Make sure it's checked, then click Finish to load the site. Select a mirror if appropriate (if mirrors aren't populated yet, we suggest picking the PTP update site (with the name you entered above) from the bottom of the list).

On the next dialog, the "Search Results" list the features available to install from the PTP Update Site.

Select the appropriate PTP entry or entries, and click next to show the list of features for this release. Place a check mark next to the desired entry and click through the rest of the pages to get the install started. After the install is completed, please make sure you accept the workbench restart.

Please refer to the release information and configuration instructions on the downloads page for additional instructions.

Installing from a tar.gz or zip file

Please obtain the tar.gz or zip file from the downloads page.