Importing Tracepoint Data

Some information in this section is redundant with the Trace Compass User Guide. For further details, see the Trace Compass User Guides entry in the References section.

Creating a Tracing Project

In the Project Explorer view, right-click and select New > Project... from the context menu. In the New Project dialog, select Tracing > Tracing Project, click Next, name your project and click Finish.

Importing a GDB Trace

In your tracing project, right-click on the Traces folder and select Import.... Browse to, or enter, a source directory. Select the trace file in the tree. Optionally set the trace type to GDB : GDB Trace. Click Finish.

Alternatively, the trace can be drag & dropped to the Traces folder from any external file manager.

Selecting the GDB Trace Type

Right-click the imported trace in the Traces folder and choose Select Trace Type... > GDB > GDB Trace from the context menu. This step can be omitted if the trace type was selected or detected at import.

The trace will be updated with the GDB icon .

Selecting the Trace Executable

The executable file that created the tracepoint data must be identified so that the C/C++ Postmortem Debugger can be launched properly.

Right-click the GDB trace in the Traces folder and choose Select Trace Executable... from the context menu. Browse to, or enter, the path of the executable file and press OK.

The selected file must be recognized by GDB as an executable.