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[126150] [modulecore] Publishing jar files added with module:/classpath/lib fails
[129154] R-1.0.1-200602171228: XDoclet builder is added but not EJBDoclet project facet
[135035] Server fails to publish JSF page
[138474] [modulecore] In current 1.0.2, external jars with absolute path are broken
[138491] [emfworkbench] Turning EMF2DOM parsers validation back on
[138618] [project explorer] Hang in navigator when deleting project in "Other Projects"
[138745] [project creation] Adopter facets not applied when imported module added to existing ear
[139821] ConcurrentModificationException in JavaServerPlugin triggered from RuntimeClasspathContainerInitializer.initialize()
[139832] J2EEDependenciesPage throws exceptions when canceled
[139863] RuntimeBridge should default to vm version to 5.0 when version cannot be determined
[139993] [xdoclet] XDoclet Causes Build Failure But XDoclet Facet is Not Used
[140035] Bad copyright statement in org.eclipse.wst.wsi\src\org\eclipse\wst\wsi\internal\core\WSIConstants.java
[140433] Bad copyrights in the J2EE validation .java files
[141315] Removed Project keeps reappearing on target server
[141319] Hang in Run on Server
[141759] [commonArchive] EarFileImpl not properly clearing references when dd nulled out
[142391] [commonArchive] ArchiveManifestImpl does not handle double-byte characters
[143085] WebAppContainer picks up WebContent/WEB-INF/classes even if it's an output directory