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[102504] TCP/IP Monitor Response Pane Blank Initially
[104870] Choosing WSExplorer as the test facility in the WS client test wizard page does not disable unused UI controls
[105135] Generic server configuration should be editable
[105171] Separate WTP help build from main build
[108510] [performance] Use the new Eclipse way of doing message bundles
[109903] server versions hardcoded
[111100] DTD Editor Has Slow Performance on xmlspec.dtd
[111321] [Editor] Set Base Type is inconsistent for Complex Types
[112925] [emfworkbench] An internal error occurred during: "Initializing Java tooling".
[112967] poor performance on large documents
[113142] [internal api] Clean up API violations in o.e.jst.j2ee.ejb.annotations.emitter
[113143] [internal api] Clean up API violations in o.e.jst.j2ee.ejb.annotations.xdoclet
[113144] [internal api] Provide our own launch delegate?
[113169] some web services preferences are not being exported/imported
[116830] Changes to New Server wizard to help users manage runtimes.
[117300] Eclipse variables in generic server .serverdef files
[117349] [performance] Viewer config for JSP needs to dispose JavaTextTools
[117902] debugger can't find source from a utility jar
[118383] should not call Display.syncExec since its prone to deadlock
[120378] [hotbug] Fields not visible in Large font settings
[120715] Install New Server Should Use a Background Job
[120730] [project creation] Dynamic Web project wizard framework needs to provide preselection of facets
[120771] Server property page shown on simple projects
[121069] Remove web project from Tomcat 5.5/5.0 server does not undeploy it
[121456] Server audio preferences hard to use
[121791] Syntax Coloring not updated after SaveAs and Search/Replace
[121853] webdoclet-Subtask "jbosswebxml": need config parameter "securitydomain"
[121937] jsp validator ignores jsp fragments after a clean
[123600] [hotbug] [validation] Exception While Canceling Building.
[124292] Issues with IModules returned from ServerUtil.getModule(IProject) on rename
[124559] ITaglibRecord should provide access to icons specified in the TLD
[125385] Installable runtime support should use non-plugin archives
[125441] Several WTP plug-ins still require runtime.compatibility
[125524] PublishUtil.createZipFile() has problem deleting file
[126416] [performance] WS-I validator runs very slowly in large workspaces
[128064] Jboss v4.0 doesn't handle spaces too well
[130570] [servlets] Problem adding servlet with existing default pkg servlet class
[132188] Web services Ant task creation not documented
[132661] ZIP file must have at least one entry errors, during Clean and Build All
[132756] provide common search list dialog
[133187] [emfworkbench] ConcurrentModifiationExceptions in ResourceSetWorkbenchEditSynchronizer
[134221] [DnD] The design view is updated incorrectly after moving an element by drag-and-drop
[134768] TCP/IP monitor should be able to unzip traffic
[134987] [validation] EmptySchedulingRule should not be used
[135162] too much raw source in source features
[135395] Enable WTP Web service framework opening Java editor
[135570] Service implementation URL not displayed properly on first page
[135901] [validation] "Run Validation" Menu Item Should Be "Validate"
[136447] XML validator gets called whenever an XSD file is validated
[137539] wsimsg editor is exactly the same as xml editor (except for icon)
[137631] Enhance DelegatingSourceValidator to support error messages reported to the right of tags
[137856] Extension page of properties sheet not display components right
[138092] Opening the editor from the Problems view does not go to Problem
[138246] Websphere6.0 server ANT publisher hard coded ${module.name} as context root.
[138701] Facet extension point documentation is incomplete
[138705] Server extension point documentation is incomplete
[139637] [validation] Validation does not run automatically on save
[139977] Enable user to stop WSDL validation
[140017] longer project or server/runtime strings do not resize wizard
[140233] Mock 3.2 - Missing description in WST portion of Product Configuration
[140235] [documentation] Mock 3.2 - Missing description in J2EE-JST portion of Product Configuration
[140471] StartServer creates zombi job
[140863] [validation] TVT3.2:TCT321: TCT_KO: Validation English strings
[140910] [validation] TVT3.2:TCT318: TVT_KO: English column names and truncation.
[140914] IWAX1011E appears in warning
[140945] Extensibility Tab in xsd and wsdl editor bugs
[140946] make 'strict' content assist mode the default
[141013] Open editor via doubleclick sometimes give NPE in AbstractTextEditor.getAction
[141070] WSDL Editor: Open in XML Schema Link Icon not refreshing properly
[141130] [import/export] TVT3.2:TCT312: NL: truncated buttons
[141626] [import/export] ear import: Colliding project name error not shown until last page
[141796] Multiple User Defined Categories are not shown in the favorites[hot_bug]
[141837] WSDL Editor: Add types/inline schema does not update outline view
[141877] WSDL and XSD Editor: Need cross-file refactoring in the property sheets when applicable.
[142030] [validation] NPE from ejb validator
[142131] XML documentation: XML schema editor information requires update
[142344] Shouldn't be able to change multiplicity on the sequence of a group definition ref
[142349] Tests download includes extra monitor.ui plugin
[142408] TaglibIndex creates duplicate build path information
[142620] WSDL Editor: Need the references -> workspace/project/workingset menu option
[142638] WSDL Editor: Fix the EditPart ordering to avoid cross over of reference lines
[142779] TVT3.2:TCT444: TVT - zh : Business publish failed when there're S.Chinese characters in the business name.
[143014] [xdoclet] New enterprise bean wizards need to set infopop IDs
[143018] Update infopops for new enterprise bean wizards
[143209] HTMLAttributeValidator has reversed JSP-aware attribute name and value checks?
[143327] [Editor] There is currently no way to set an Element's type to Anonymous
[143496] TVT3.2:TCT692: No menu under "References"
[143513] WSDL Editor: Select dialog for WSDL objects shows duplicates
[143528] Certain XSD constructs are not updated when modifying from the source view
[143530] Cannot add attribute ref to complex type
[143818] [Editor] multi-select delete doesn't work
[143819] Multiple element deletion
[144049] [acc] Page 1 sliders not accessible
[144304] Validating WSDL document refers to incorrect action Validate WSDL file
[144306] Documentation pages appear with grey background in firefox
[144342] [hotbug][emfworkbench] SetCommand created by ModelModifier causes NPE when unset feature
[144354] Test and client test settings are combined in the scenario context
[144360] [Editor] Direct editing should autorefactor in current file
[144380] WSDL Editor: message reference column does not resize (smaller) when the fault name shrinks from a long name
[144445] [project explorer] Open appears twice for java bean class node
[144475] [project explorer] j2ee decorator causes premature WST plugin activation on creation of simple project
[144509] WSIL schemas require license information
[144548] Type selection dialog produces SWT exception when exiting by double click on a type
[144676] [validate edit] extension not found for key "ValidateEditContext".
[144756] proj facets wiz page should not default focus Configurations
[144824] WSE: Some complex types don't deserialize from source to form view
[145006] [j2ee] TVT3.2:feature.properties missing for org.eclipse.jst.enterprise_core.feature.source
[145031] J2EE module depencies produced jars have no dir entries
[145052] deadlock when attempting to modify a facet in a job during runtime change
[145069] RuntimesPropertyPage should use a scheduling rule during performOk
[145104] Support DND projects onto server instances
[145392] DND op fails with IllegalArgumentException
[145426] TCP/IP Monitor cannot route to correct port if there are mulitple ports or services
[145449] Web service client project type dropdown disabled after selecting client project
[145461] WSDL Editor: When adding WSDL objects via the graphical view, source is not formatted
[145529] [validation] intermittent DeploymentDescriptorLoadException
[145531] Facet extension point highlights PDE error
[145563] Perf: Facets property tester should not activate ProjectFacetsManager when not necessary
[145590] Source view selection is incorrect when moving from design to graph view
[145643] Web Service Client Gen generates error in sample Result.jsp for xsd:anyType
[145676] Sample JSP test clients do not handle JAX-RPC MIME types
[145795] WSDL Editor: Right-clicking on the schema link icon brings up an unwanted context menu
[145912] WSDL Editor : NPE occasionally shown in console when editing
[146036] [j2ee properties] can't set webproject to publish as ROOT
[146058] GenericServer: "Add and Remove Project" not showing all projects
[146063] [hotbug][validation] Fix constructors for EnabledValidatorsOperation to remove asynch flag
[146067] [performance] Saving an editor takes more time if WTP is started
[146137] NewServerWizard: "Add and Remove Project" wizard page not showing existing projects
[146169] [WSDL Editor] Port's address is not removed in the Design View - Refresh Issue
[146174] [Editor] Can't set an attribute as 'required' or 'option' via graphical editor or properties
[146270] WS Wizard notched slider graphics need improvement
[146321] Improve facets api to allow perf optimizations of version comparision
[146328] [perf] WebAppLibrariesContainer.refresh() too slow
[146332] Method selection not observed in Generate Sample JSP popup and client scenario.
[146333] [Editor] F3/Hyperlink navigation does not work between XSD components in an inline schema
[146571] DVT3.2 - Confusion in J2EE connector project documentation
[146605] DVT 3.2 - Broken Links in Eclipse Help - Web Std. Tools Devel. Guide
[146695] TCP/IP monitor not created or started properly if server was deleted and recreated
[146707] incorrect WSDL validation errors in WSE status view
[146721] org.eclipse.wst.common.project.facet.core.IActionConfig.java is missing a copyright statement
[146784] [hotbug] 'Duplicate prefix' after switching editor input and Save As
[146909] [project explorer] Migrated projects do not show properly in project explorer
[146924] [modulecore] Terrible Performance of ComponentUtilities.getServerContextRoot()
[146987] [Editor] when adding XSD or WSDL extensions existing namespace prefixes should be reused
[146989] [Editor] provide minor adjustments to the connections to 'straighten' nearly straight lines
[146996] [Editor] imports displayed in 'top level' view should show namespace as well as schema location
[147069] facet preset visibility problems in web project wizard
[147107] XSD Editor: deleting the sequence on a child will sometime incorrectly delete a sequence on the parent
[147115] Finder Framework - WSDLUtility class is workspace and .wsdl centric
[147119] [project explorer] web services double click does not match open with menu
[147121] [performance testing] WSDL validation performance tests are broken
[147131] [performance testing] XSD validation performance tests are broken
[147317] Browse incorrectly shows the initial selection in Service wizard
[147319] WS Performance testcases are throwing ClassCastExceptions
[147456] [project creation] Facet Runtimes Combo Sorting
[147457] [project creation] <none> runtime not remembered
[147462] [project creation] Ear nested module wizard has wrong defaults
[147465] [project creation] Wrong MANIFEST.MF entry with new EJB with client
[147468] [xdoclet] .JetEmitters project classpath wiped out when used
[147469] [project creation] Runtime combo not reenabling when necessary
[147607] [j2ee] 'EAR Libraries' library container doesn't always work
[147699] [j2ee] ClassCastException on create XDoclet Bean
[147749] Null Ptr when hitting F3 on unresolved reference
[147758] [j2ee] EAR Libraries container should be exported
[147812] Server editor: "Save Problem" prompt when trying to save the server config more than once
[147862] WebServiceFinder should support search by project
[147878] [j2ee] deadlock in autobuild from DependencyGraph and J2EEComponentClasspathUpdater
[147905] [project explorer] webservices npe
[147917] [commonArchive] ArchiveUtil.deriveEARRelativeURI failing with case
[147954] [modulecore] .project refs not removed for module dependencies lacking component entries
[148036] Invalid character found in soapenc.xsd
[148064] Direct editing an element's type in the graph viewer modifies schema even if same type is picked
[148072] Fix IAdditionalOutputViewTab refresh / clear logic so that the tabs properly cleared and re-populated when the user switches between OutputItems
[148080] [import/export] EAR import expand utilities does not set server
[148112] Provide more information in the section on creating a WSDL file
[148130] [j2ee properties] StringIndexOutOfBoundsException attempting to create web lib dependency
[148314] trying to bind an unbound server runtime has some problems
[148322] [emfworkbench] J2EEEMFAdapterFactory Adapting EObject to IFile and IResource