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[136447] XML validator gets called whenever an XSD file is validated
[148052] imported schemas wont publish in the uddi service page
[150734] [Model] Adding new WSDL element throws IllegalArgumentException
[158177] NPE when creating web service client into existing Java project with test
[158339] [web services] Creating/loading sse models of all the web.xml, ejb-jar.xml's in the workspace by Webservices Job
[158619] [project creation] Need default setting for java output folders to be in product settings
[158623] [performance] ComponentDeployable members() to recognize "optimized" structure
[158846] deadlock when validate jsp and find occurrences
[158858] New JUnit test cases
[158964] [hotbug] Need to Add WebSphere Application Server Community Edition v1.1 to the resulting page of the "didn't see your server click here"
[158996] Expose API to determine if a project is in single root structure
[158998] Performance optimizations for PublishUtil.publishSmart()
[159002] Add/Remove Modules dialog missing module children
[159026] [hotbug][j2ee] 'EAR Libraries' does not include JAR files in directories
[159142] ClassCastException when creating Web service from J2EE Project Explorer
[159158] [j2ee] InvertClientJARDependencyCompoundOperation throwing exceptions
[159160] [import/export] J2EE module import adds invalid reference
[159203] Entering invalid schema import location in XMLExamples hangs Eclipse
[159703] [hotbug][web services] webservice.NewProjectListener initialization takes 35% cpu time of CommonNavigator.createPartControl()
[159913] [hotbug] [validation] Validation builder launches a job that causes build to cancel
[160019] [modulecore] Problem with DependencyGraph timestamp checking
[160096] DefaultColumnAccessor returns incorrect identifierQuoteString
[160226] [modulecore] VirtualComponent: Concurrent Modification Exception
[160325] [validation] Facet enablement not working properly
[160535] New J2EE/Server API JUnit tests
[160562] [hotbug] [j2ee] EAR with J2EE modules in a directory fail to import properly
[160579] SYSTEM_DEFAULT needs to be added to default value list of all DB2 iSeries datatypes
[160673] Bump plugin version numbers
[160689] Using Tomcat 5.5 exception thrown while publishing....
[161103] [emfWorkbench] Editmodel needs to specify a workspace scheduling rule for save
[161118] [validation] Incremental validation doesn't work
[161128] Publish fails when Server w/o initial status is started
[161250] Installations or workspace paths with spaces break Sample Gen and Java Editor Launch
[161275] [deployables] J2EE project optimizations and class folders cause publish problems
[161468] Generic catalog loader returns incorrect precision