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Packages that use IWorkbenchWindowActionDelegate Provides interfaces that need to be implemented by web browser adapters.  Also contains an implementation of IWorkbenchWindowActionDelegate for opening a URL in a browser. 
org.eclipse.ui Application programming interfaces for interaction with and extension of the Eclipse Platform User Interface. 

Uses of IWorkbenchWindowActionDelegate in

Classes in that implement IWorkbenchWindowActionDelegate
 class LaunchURL
          Action that launches a URL in a browser.

Uses of IWorkbenchWindowActionDelegate in org.eclipse.ui

Subinterfaces of IWorkbenchWindowActionDelegate in org.eclipse.ui
 interface IWorkbenchWindowPulldownDelegate
          Interface for a pulldown action that is contributed into the workbench window tool bar.
 interface IWorkbenchWindowPulldownDelegate2
          Extension of IWorkbenchWindowPulldownDelegate that allows the delegate dropdown menu to be a child of a Menu item.

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