Checking out a project

Coworker Fred has several tasks in front of him: 

Fred's first step is to add the project to his workspace as follows:

  1. In the CVS Repositories view context menu choose New >  Repository Location...

    Context menu

  2. In the CVS Repository Location wizard fill in the same repository location that Jane filled in.

  3. In the CVS Repositories view expand the repository location, then expand HEAD.

    Under HEAD you should see the project (JanesTeamProject) that Jane created.

    Repositories View

  4. Expand folder1 and you should see the three files that Jane created.

    Repositories View

  5. Select the project and choose Checkout as Project from the context menu.

    Add to Workspace

  6. Select the Navigator view and observe  that it now includes the project JanesTeamProject.

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