Translation fixes for Eclipse SDK V2.1.1

The is a Fragment patch for eclipse 2.1.1 translation. It should only be applied onto the translated version of eclipse 2.1.1 on Windows, Linux-Motif and Linux-GTK.

Fixes included

Brazilian Portuguese on-line documentation for the translated version of eclipse SDK Linux-Motif. The fix will override the Chinese on-line documentation which were mistakenly loaded onto the Brazilian language version.

Translated task list for the French and German translation on Windows, Linux Motif and GTK. This fix will override some English messages in the task list user interface with the language translation.

Fix German codepage conversion in the plugins: org.eclipse.debug.ui, org.eclipse.jdt.debug, org.eclipse.jdt.debug.ui and org.eclipse.ui.externaltools.

How to apply the patch

Close eclipse, unzip the Fragment patch on top of where the eclipse Fragment was previously installed, and re-launch eclipse.