Eclipse Project Release Notes Addendum for IA64 on HP-UX

Release 3.0.2
Last revised: February 14, 2005

This document provides supplement information to the Eclipse Project Release Notes (Release 3.0.2).

1. Target Operating Environments
2. Compatibility with Previous Releases
3. Known Issues
4. Running Eclipse

Target Operating Environments

Eclipse SDK 3.0.2 has been tested and validated on the following platform:

Eclipse Platform
Operating system Processor architecture Window system Java 2 Platform
HP HP-UX 11.23 Itanium IA64 Motif HP-UX SDK for the Java 2 platform, version for Itanium (available from

Eclipse Help subsystem requires HP Mozilla Web browser, version 1.6 for Itanium, available from

2. Compatibility with Previous Releases

Not Applicable.

3. Known Issues

3.1 Platform
     3.1.1 Core
     3.1.6 SWT

Note: Bug numbers refer to the Eclipse project bug database at

3.1.1 Platform - Core

Execute permissions of the .so files are missing

After Eclipse is installed, give execute permission to all .so files underneath $ECLIPSE_HOME

3.1.6 Platform - SWT

Eclipse hangs intermittently

CPU intensive operations that keep the CPU close to 100% utilized may cause sporadic Eclipse hangs. This is an intermittent problem. (bug 56841)

4. Running Eclipse

Increase performance of Eclipse on Itanium

If you have more than 2GB of RAM on your Itanium box, you may want to increase the Java VMs memory (-Xmx). For example:

eclipse -vmargs -Xms256m -Xmx1024m -Xmn192m

Cut/Copy/Paste feature of editor does not work when you access the Itanium Box using Reflection X

Complete the following procedure:

  1. Go the Reflection X main window.
  2. Click on Settings > Display.
  3. Uncheck "Windows Clipboard owns selection".
  4. Restart Reflection X.

Display Eclipse GUI in pretty colors

Create an .Xdefaults file in your home directory with the following content:


After creating the above file, issue the following command (your DISPLAY variable must be set prior to running the command):

/usr/bin/X11/xrdb <your home directory>/.Xdefaults

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