Scenario: org.eclipse.jdt.text.tests.performance.OpenJavaEditorTest#testOpenJavaEditor2() (Win XP Sun 1.4.2_08 (2 GHz 512MB))

Click measurement name to view line graph of measured values over builds.

Build Id Elapsed Process CPU Time Kernel time GDI Objects
3.1_200506271435328 ms 325 ms 34 ms 9
3.0_200406251208_200506241211(reference)740 ms 728 ms 50 ms 9
*Delta412 ms
55.6 %
403 ms
55.3 %
16 ms
32.0 %
*Delta values in red and green indicate degradation > 10% and improvement > 10%,respectively.

Black and yellow points plot values measured in integration and last seven nightly builds.
Magenta points plot the repeated baseline measurement over time.
Boxed points represent previous releases, milestone builds, current reference and current build.

Hover over any point for build id and value.

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The raw data and stats include data for all current stream builds and all baseline test runs.

Elapsed Process
Amount of wall-clock time.

CPU Time
Amount of time the process ran on the CPU.

Kernel time
Amount of time the process ran on the CPU, while the CPU was in kernel mode.

GDI Objects
Change in the number of GDI (Graphics Device Interface) objects, can be useful for UI tests (particularly start-up tests).