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Git Log for 4.12

Git log from I20190605-0600 (previous) to I20190605-1800 (current)

The tagging, and this report, were done at about 20190605-1807

Repository: eclipse.platform.releng.aggregator
Date Commit message Author
2019-06-05Build input for build I20190605-1800genie.releng

Repository: eclipse.platform.swt
Date Commit message Author
2019-06-05Bug 547938 - [Snippets] Move mouse over test Shell before starting automated mouse scrollPaul Pazderski
2019-06-05Bug 547938 - [Snippets] End daemon threads properly and do not rely only on there daemon traitPaul Pazderski
2019-06-05Bug 547938 - [Snippets] Use empty Shell for Snippet explanationPaul Pazderski
2019-06-05Bug 547938 - [Snippets] Snippet13: do paint in paint listenerPaul Pazderski
2019-06-05Bug 547938 - [Snippets] Make Snippets reusable without class reloadPaul Pazderski
2019-06-05Bug 547938 - [Snippets] should not use System.exitPaul Pazderski

Repository: eclipse.platform.swt.binaries
Date Commit message Author