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Packages that use BufferCache

Uses of BufferCache in org.eclipse.jetty.ajp

Subclasses of BufferCache in org.eclipse.jetty.ajp
 class Ajp13RequestHeaders
          XXX Should this implement the Buffer interface?
 class Ajp13ResponseHeaders

Fields in org.eclipse.jetty.ajp declared as BufferCache
static BufferCache Ajp13ResponseHeaders.CACHE
static BufferCache Ajp13Packet.CACHE
static BufferCache Ajp13RequestHeaders.CACHE
static BufferCache Ajp13PacketMethods.CACHE

Uses of BufferCache in org.eclipse.jetty.http

Subclasses of BufferCache in org.eclipse.jetty.http
 class HttpHeaders
 class HttpHeaderValues
          Cached HTTP Header values.

Fields in org.eclipse.jetty.http declared as BufferCache
static BufferCache HttpVersions.CACHE
static BufferCache HttpMethods.CACHE
static BufferCache MimeTypes.CACHE

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