Uses of Interface

Packages that use Buffers

Uses of Buffers in org.eclipse.jetty.ajp

Constructors in org.eclipse.jetty.ajp with parameters of type Buffers
Ajp13Generator(Buffers buffers, EndPoint io)
Ajp13Parser(Buffers buffers, EndPoint endPoint)

Uses of Buffers in org.eclipse.jetty.http

Fields in org.eclipse.jetty.http declared as Buffers
protected  Buffers AbstractGenerator._buffers

Methods in org.eclipse.jetty.http that return Buffers
 Buffers HttpBuffers.getRequestBuffers()
 Buffers HttpBuffers.getResponseBuffers()

Methods in org.eclipse.jetty.http with parameters of type Buffers
 void HttpBuffers.setRequestBuffers(Buffers requestBuffers)
 void HttpBuffers.setResponseBuffers(Buffers responseBuffers)

Constructors in org.eclipse.jetty.http with parameters of type Buffers
AbstractGenerator(Buffers buffers, EndPoint io)
HttpGenerator(Buffers buffers, EndPoint io)
HttpParser(Buffers buffers, EndPoint endp, HttpParser.EventHandler handler)

Uses of Buffers in

Classes in that implement Buffers
 class AbstractBuffers
 class PooledBuffers
 class SimpleBuffers
 class ThreadLocalBuffers
          Abstract Buffer pool.

Methods in that return Buffers
static Buffers BuffersFactory.newBuffers(Buffers.Type headerType, int headerSize, Buffers.Type bufferType, int bufferSize, Buffers.Type otherType, int maxSize)

Uses of Buffers in

Constructors in with parameters of type Buffers
SslSelectChannelEndPoint(Buffers buffers, SocketChannel channel, SelectorManager.SelectSet selectSet, SelectionKey key, SSLEngine engine)
SslSelectChannelEndPoint(Buffers buffers, SocketChannel channel, SelectorManager.SelectSet selectSet, SelectionKey key, SSLEngine engine, int maxIdleTime)

Uses of Buffers in org.eclipse.jetty.nested

Constructors in org.eclipse.jetty.nested with parameters of type Buffers
NestedGenerator(Buffers buffers, EndPoint io, HttpServletResponse response, String nestedIn)

Uses of Buffers in org.eclipse.jetty.server

Methods in org.eclipse.jetty.server that return Buffers
 Buffers Connector.getRequestBuffers()
 Buffers Connector.getResponseBuffers()

Uses of Buffers in org.eclipse.jetty.server.ssl

Methods in org.eclipse.jetty.server.ssl that return Buffers
 Buffers SslSelectChannelConnector.getSslBuffers()

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