Package org.eclipse.jetty.osgi.boot.internal.webapp

Interface Summary
IWebBundleDeployerHelper Internal interface for the class that deploys a webapp on a server.
LibExtClassLoaderHelper.IFilesInJettyHomeResourcesProcessor Class called back

Class Summary
JettyContextHandlerServiceTracker When a ContextHandler service is activated we look into it and if the corresponding webapp is actually not configured then we go and register it.
LibExtClassLoaderHelper Helper to create a URL class-loader with the jars inside ${jetty.home}/lib/ext and ${jetty.home}/resources.
OSGiWebappClassLoader Extends the webappclassloader to insert the classloader provided by the osgi bundle at the same level than any other jars palced in the webappclassloader.
WebBundleDeployerHelper Bridges the jetty deployers with the OSGi lifecycle where applications are managed inside OSGi-bundles.
WebBundleTrackerCustomizer Support bundles that declare the webapp directly through headers in their manifest.

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