Class WebappRegistrationCustomizerImpl

  extended by org.eclipse.jetty.osgi.boot.jasper.WebappRegistrationCustomizerImpl
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public class WebappRegistrationCustomizerImpl
extends Object
implements WebappRegistrationCustomizer

Fix various shortcomings with the way jasper parses the tld files. Plugs the JSTL tlds assuming that they are packaged with the bundle that contains the JSTL classes.

Pluggable tlds at the server level are handled by PluggableWebAppRegistrationCustomizerImpl.

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 URL[] getJarsWithTlds(OSGiAppProvider provider, BundleFileLocatorHelper locatorHelper)
          The jasper TldScanner expects a URLClassloader to parse a jar for the /META-INF/*.tld it may contain.
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Constructor Detail


public WebappRegistrationCustomizerImpl()
Method Detail


public URL[] getJarsWithTlds(OSGiAppProvider provider,
                             BundleFileLocatorHelper locatorHelper)
                      throws Exception
The jasper TldScanner expects a URLClassloader to parse a jar for the /META-INF/*.tld it may contain. We place the bundles that we know contain such tag-libraries. Please note that it will work if and only if the bundle is a jar (!) Currently we just hardcode the bundle that contains the jstl implemenation. A workaround when the tld cannot be parsed with this method is to copy and paste it inside the WEB-INF of the webapplication where it is used. Support only 2 types of packaging for the bundle: - the bundle is a jar (recommended for runtime.) - the bundle is a folder and contain jars in the root and/or in the lib folder (nice for PDE developement situations) Unsupported: the bundle is a jar that embeds more jars.

Specified by:
getJarsWithTlds in interface WebappRegistrationCustomizer
array of URLs

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