Package org.eclipse.jetty.server.handler

Class Summary
AbstractHandler AbstractHandler.
AbstractHandlerContainer Abstract Handler Container.
ConnectHandler Implementation of a tunneling proxy that supports HTTP CONNECT.
ContextHandler ContextHandler.
ContextHandlerCollection ContextHandlerCollection.
DebugHandler Debug Handler.
DefaultHandler Default Handler.
ErrorHandler Handler for Error pages An ErrorHandler is registered with ContextHandler.setErrorHandler(ErrorHandler) or Server.addBean(Object).
HandlerCollection A collection of handlers.
HandlerList HandlerList.
HandlerWrapper A HandlerWrapper acts as a Handler but delegates the handle method and life cycle events to a delegate.
HotSwapHandler A HandlerContainer that allows a hot swap of a wrapped handler.
IPAccessHandler IP Access Handler
MovedContextHandler Moved ContextHandler.
ProxyHandler Deprecated. Use ConnectHandler
RequestLogHandler RequestLogHandler.
ResourceHandler Resource Handler.
ScopedHandler ScopedHandler.

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