Package org.eclipse.jetty.servlets

Class Summary
CGI CGI Servlet.
CloseableDoSFilter Closeable DoS Filter.
ConcatServlet Concatenation Servlet This servlet may be used to concatenate multiple resources into a single response.
CrossOriginFilter Implementation of the cross-origin resource sharing.
DoSFilter Denial of Service filter
GzipFilter GZIP Filter This filter will gzip the content of a response iff: The filter is mapped to a matching path The response status code is >=200 and <300 The content length is unknown or more than the minGzipSize initParameter or the minGzipSize is 0(default) The content-type is in the comma separated list of mimeTypes set in the mimeTypes initParameter or if no mimeTypes are defined the content-type is not "application/gzip" No content-encoding is specified by the resource
IncludableGzipFilter Includable GZip Filter.
MultiPartFilter Multipart Form Data Filter.
ProxyServlet Asynchronous Proxy Servlet.
ProxyServlet.Transparent Transparent Proxy.
PutFilter PutFilter A Filter that handles PUT, DELETE and MOVE methods.
QoSFilter Quality of Service Filter.
UserAgentFilter User Agent Filter.
WelcomeFilter Welcome Filter This filter can be used to server an index file for a directory when no index file actually exists (thus the web.xml mechanism does not work).

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