Interface Destroyable

All Known Subinterfaces:
Handler, Server.Graceful
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractHandler, AbstractHandlerContainer, AggregateLifeCycle, ConnectHandler, ConstraintSecurityHandler, ContextHandler, ContextHandlerCollection, DataSourceCloser, DebugHandler, DefaultHandler, DeploymentManager, ErrorHandler, ErrorPageErrorHandler, FileDestroyable, HandlerCollection, HandlerList, HandlerWrapper, HelloHandler, HotSwapHandler, IPAccessHandler, ManyHandlers.ParamHandler, MovedContextHandler, ProxyHandler, RequestLogHandler, ResourceHandler, RewriteHandler, ScopedHandler, SecurityHandler, Server, ServletContextHandler, ServletHandler, ServletHandler, SessionHandler, StatisticsHandler, TemplateContext, TestServer, WebAppContext, WebSocketHandler

public interface Destroyable

A Destroyable is an object which can be destroyed.

Typically a Destroyable is a LifeCycle component that can hold onto resources over multiple start/stop cycles. A call to destroy will release all resources and will prevent any further start/stop cycles from being successful.

Method Summary
 void destroy()

Method Detail


void destroy()

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