Package org.eclipse.jetty.webapp

Interface Summary
Configuration Base Class for WebApplicationContext Configuration.
DescriptorProcessor DescriptorProcessor
Ordering Ordering Ordering options for jars in WEB-INF lib.
WebAppClassLoader.Context The Context in which the classloader operates.

Class Summary
ClasspathPattern ClasspathPattern performs sequential pattern matching of a class name against an internal array of classpath pattern entries.
DefaultsDescriptor DefaultsDescriptor
DiscoveredAnnotation DiscoveredAnnotation Represents an annotation that has been discovered by scanning source code of WEB-INF/classes and WEB-INF/lib jars.
FragmentConfiguration FragmentConfiguration Process web-fragments in jars
FragmentDescriptor Fragment A web-fragment.xml descriptor.
IterativeDescriptorProcessor IterativeDescriptorProcessor
JarScanner JarScannerConfiguration Abstract base class for configurations that want to scan jars in WEB-INF/lib and the classloader hierarchy.
JettyWebXmlConfiguration JettyWebConfiguration.
MetaData MetaData All data associated with the configuration and deployment of a web application.
MetaInfConfiguration MetaInfConfiguration Scan META-INF of all jars in WEB-INF/lib to find: tlds web-fragment.xml resources
Ordering.AbsoluteOrdering AbsoluteOrdering An element in web.xml
Ordering.RelativeOrdering RelativeOrdering A set of elements in web-fragment.xmls.
OverrideDescriptor OverrideDescriptor
StandardDescriptorProcessor StandardDescriptorProcessor Process a web.xml, web-defaults.xml, web-overrides.xml, web-fragment.xml.
TagLibConfiguration TagLibConfiguration.
TagLibConfiguration.TldDescriptor TldDescriptor
WebAppClassLoader ClassLoader for HttpContext.
WebAppContext Web Application Context Handler.
WebDescriptor Descriptor A web descriptor (web.xml/web-defaults.xml/web-overrides.xml).
WebXmlConfiguration Configure by parsing default web.xml and web.xml

Enum Summary

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