Package org.eclipse.jgit.dircache

Class Summary
DirCache Support for the Git dircache (aka index file).
DirCacheBuilder Updates a DirCache by adding individual DirCacheEntrys.
DirCacheBuildIterator Iterate and update a DirCache as part of a TreeWalk.
DirCacheCheckout This class handles checking out one or two trees merging with the index.
DirCacheEditor Updates a DirCache by supplying discrete edit commands.
DirCacheEditor.DeletePath Deletes a single file entry from the index.
DirCacheEditor.DeleteTree Recursively deletes all paths under a subtree.
DirCacheEditor.PathEdit Any index record update.
DirCacheEntry A single file (or stage of a file) in a DirCache.
DirCacheIterator Iterate a DirCache as part of a TreeWalk.
DirCacheTree Single tree record from the 'TREE' DirCache extension.

Exception Summary
InvalidPathException Thrown when JGit detects and refuses to use an invalid path

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