Package org.eclipse.jgit.merge

Class Summary
MergeAlgorithm Provides the merge algorithm which does a three-way merge on content provided as RawText.
MergeChunk One chunk from a merge result.
MergeFormatter A class to convert merge results into a Git conformant textual presentation
MergeMessageFormatter Formatter for constructing the commit message for a merge commit.
Merger Instance of a specific MergeStrategy for a single Repository.
MergeResult<S extends Sequence> The result of merging a number of Sequence objects.
MergeStrategy A method of combining two or more trees together to form an output tree.
ResolveMerger A three-way merger performing a content-merge if necessary
StrategyOneSided Trivial merge strategy to make the resulting tree exactly match an input.
StrategyResolve A three-way merge strategy performing a content-merge if necessary
StrategySimpleTwoWayInCore Merges two commits together in-memory, ignoring any working directory.
ThreeWayMerger A merge of 2 trees, using a common base ancestor tree.
ThreeWayMergeStrategy A merge strategy to merge 2 trees, using a common base ancestor tree.

Enum Summary
MergeChunk.ConflictState A state telling whether a MergeChunk belongs to a conflict or not.
ResolveMerger.MergeFailureReason If the merge fails (means: not stopped because of unresolved conflicts) this enum is used to explain why it failed

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