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Classes in with type parameters of type DfsRepository
 class DfsRepositoryBuilder<B extends DfsRepositoryBuilder,R extends DfsRepository>
          Constructs a DfsRepository.

Subclasses of DfsRepository in
 class InMemoryRepository
          Git repository stored entirely in the local process memory.

Methods in that return DfsRepository
protected  DfsRepository DfsRefDatabase.getRepository()
protected  DfsRepository DfsObjDatabase.getRepository()

Constructors in with parameters of type DfsRepository
DfsGarbageCollector(DfsRepository repository)
          Initialize a garbage collector.
DfsObjDatabase(DfsRepository repository, DfsReaderOptions options)
          Initialize an object database for our repository.
DfsPackCompactor(DfsRepository repository)
          Initialize a pack compactor.
DfsRefDatabase(DfsRepository repository)
          Initialize the reference database for a repository.

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