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Uses of ObjectToPack in org.eclipse.jgit.errors

Constructors in org.eclipse.jgit.errors with parameters of type ObjectToPack
StoredObjectRepresentationNotAvailableException(ObjectToPack otp)
          Construct an error for an object.

Uses of ObjectToPack in

Methods in with parameters of type ObjectToPack
 boolean DfsCachedPack.hasObject(ObjectToPack obj, StoredObjectRepresentation rep)

Uses of ObjectToPack in

Methods in that return ObjectToPack
 ObjectToPack PackWriter.get(AnyObjectId id)
          Lookup the ObjectToPack object for a given ObjectId.
 ObjectToPack ObjectToPack.getDeltaBase()
 ObjectToPack ObjectReuseAsIs.newObjectToPack(RevObject obj)
          Allocate a new PackWriter state structure for an object.

Methods in with parameters of type ObjectToPack
 void ObjectReuseAsIs.copyObjectAsIs(PackOutputStream out, ObjectToPack otp, boolean validate)
          Output a previously selected representation.
abstract  boolean CachedPack.hasObject(ObjectToPack obj, StoredObjectRepresentation rep)
          Determine if this pack contains the object representation given.
 void otp, StoredObjectRepresentation next)
          Select an object representation for this writer.
 void PackOutputStream.writeHeader(ObjectToPack otp, long rawLength)
          Commits the object header onto the stream.
 void PackOutputStream.writeObject(ObjectToPack otp)
          Write one object.

Method parameters in with type arguments of type ObjectToPack
 void ObjectReuseAsIs.selectObjectRepresentation(PackWriter packer, ProgressMonitor monitor, Iterable<ObjectToPack> objects)
          Select the best object representation for a packer.
 void ObjectReuseAsIs.writeObjects(PackOutputStream out, List<ObjectToPack> list)
          Write objects to the pack stream in roughly the order given.

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