Package org.eclipse.jgit.treewalk

Class Summary
AbstractTreeIterator Walks a Git tree (directory) in Git sort order.
CanonicalTreeParser Parses raw Git trees from the canonical semi-text/semi-binary format.
EmptyTreeIterator Iterator over an empty tree (a directory with no files).
FileTreeIterator Working directory iterator for standard Java IO.
FileTreeIterator.FileEntry Wrapper for a standard Java IO file
NameConflictTreeWalk Specialized TreeWalk to detect directory-file (D/F) name conflicts.
TreeWalk Walks one or more AbstractTreeIterators in parallel.
WorkingTreeIterator Walks a working directory tree as part of a TreeWalk.
WorkingTreeIterator.Entry A single entry within a working directory tree.
WorkingTreeOptions Options used by the WorkingTreeIterator.

Enum Summary
WorkingTreeIterator.MetadataDiff The result of a metadata-comparison between the current entry and a DirCacheEntry

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