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org.eclipse.jgit.api High-level API commands (the porcelain of JGit). 

Uses of CommitCommand in org.eclipse.jgit.api

Methods in org.eclipse.jgit.api that return CommitCommand
 CommitCommand Git.commit()
          Returns a command object to execute a Commit command
 CommitCommand CommitCommand.setAll(boolean all)
          If set to true the Commit command automatically stages files that have been modified and deleted, but new files not known by the repository are not affected.
 CommitCommand CommitCommand.setAmend(boolean amend)
          Used to amend the tip of the current branch.
 CommitCommand CommitCommand.setAuthor(PersonIdent author)
          Sets the author for this commit.
 CommitCommand CommitCommand.setAuthor(String name, String email)
          Sets the author for this commit.
 CommitCommand CommitCommand.setCommitter(PersonIdent committer)
          Sets the committer for this commit.
 CommitCommand CommitCommand.setCommitter(String name, String email)
          Sets the committer for this commit.
 CommitCommand CommitCommand.setInsertChangeId(boolean insertChangeId)
          If set to true a change id will be inserted into the commit message An existing change id is not replaced.
 CommitCommand CommitCommand.setMessage(String message)
 CommitCommand CommitCommand.setOnly(String only)
          Commit dedicated path only This method can be called several times to add multiple paths.
 CommitCommand CommitCommand.setReflogComment(String reflogComment)
          Override the message written to the reflog

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