Package org.eclipse.jgit.dircache

Reading and editing the directory cache (index).


Class Summary
DirCache Support for the Git dircache (aka index file).
DirCacheBuilder Updates a DirCache by adding individual DirCacheEntrys.
DirCacheBuildIterator Iterate and update a DirCache as part of a TreeWalk.
DirCacheCheckout This class handles checking out one or two trees merging with the index.
DirCacheEditor Updates a DirCache by supplying discrete edit commands.
DirCacheEditor.DeletePath Deletes a single file entry from the index.
DirCacheEditor.DeleteTree Recursively deletes all paths under a subtree.
DirCacheEditor.PathEdit Any index record update.
DirCacheEntry A single file (or stage of a file) in a DirCache.
DirCacheIterator Iterate a DirCache as part of a TreeWalk.
DirCacheTree Single tree record from the 'TREE' DirCache extension.

Exception Summary
InvalidPathException Thrown when JGit detects and refuses to use an invalid path

Package org.eclipse.jgit.dircache Description

Reading and editing the directory cache (index).

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