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Packages that use Merger
org.eclipse.jgit.merge Content and commit history merge algorithms. 

Uses of Merger in org.eclipse.jgit.merge

Subclasses of Merger in org.eclipse.jgit.merge
 class ResolveMerger
          A three-way merger performing a content-merge if necessary
 class ThreeWayMerger
          A merge of 2 trees, using a common base ancestor tree.

Methods in org.eclipse.jgit.merge that return Merger
abstract  Merger MergeStrategy.newMerger(Repository db)
          Create a new merge instance.
 Merger StrategyOneSided.newMerger(Repository db)
abstract  Merger MergeStrategy.newMerger(Repository db, boolean inCore)
          Create a new merge instance.
 Merger StrategyOneSided.newMerger(Repository db, boolean inCore)

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