Uses of Class

Packages that use FileHeader
org.eclipse.jgit.diff Comparing file contents by computing diffs. 
org.eclipse.jgit.patch Patch file parser and data structure. 

Uses of FileHeader in org.eclipse.jgit.diff

Methods in org.eclipse.jgit.diff that return FileHeader
 FileHeader DiffFormatter.toFileHeader(DiffEntry ent)
          Creates a FileHeader representing the given DiffEntry

Methods in org.eclipse.jgit.diff with parameters of type FileHeader
 void DiffFormatter.format(FileHeader head, RawText a, RawText b)
          Format a patch script, reusing a previously parsed FileHeader.

Uses of FileHeader in org.eclipse.jgit.patch

Subclasses of FileHeader in org.eclipse.jgit.patch
 class CombinedFileHeader
          A file in the Git "diff --cc" or "diff --combined" format.

Methods in org.eclipse.jgit.patch that return FileHeader
 FileHeader BinaryHunk.getFileHeader()
 FileHeader HunkHeader.getFileHeader()

Methods in org.eclipse.jgit.patch that return types with arguments of type FileHeader
 List<? extends FileHeader> Patch.getFiles()

Methods in org.eclipse.jgit.patch with parameters of type FileHeader
 void Patch.addFile(FileHeader fh)
          Add a single file to this patch.

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