Package org.eclipse.jgit.revwalk

Walking revision graphs (commit history).


Interface Summary
AsyncRevObjectQueue Queue to lookup and parse objects asynchronously.
DepthWalk Interface for revision walkers that perform depth filtering.

Class Summary
DateRevQueue A queue of commits sorted by commit time order.
DepthWalk.Commit RevCommit with a depth (in commits) from a root.
DepthWalk.ObjectWalk Subclass of ObjectWalk that performs depth filtering.
DepthWalk.RevWalk Subclass of RevWalk that performs depth filtering.
FIFORevQueue A queue of commits in FIFO order.
FollowFilter Updates the internal path filter to follow copy/renames.
FooterKey Case insensitive key for a FooterLine.
FooterLine Single line at the end of a message, such as a "Signed-off-by: someone".
LIFORevQueue A queue of commits in LIFO order.
ObjectWalk Specialized subclass of RevWalk to include trees, blobs and tags.
RenameCallback An instance of this class can be used in conjunction with a FollowFilter.
RevBlob A binary file, or a symbolic link.
RevCommit A commit reference to a commit in the DAG.
RevCommitList<E extends RevCommit> An ordered list of RevCommit subclasses.
RevFlag Application level mark bit for RevObjects.
RevFlagSet Multiple application level mark bits for RevObjects.
RevObject Base object type accessed during revision walking.
RevObjectList<E extends RevObject> An ordered list of RevObject subclasses.
RevObjectList.Block One level of contents, either an intermediate level or a leaf level.
RevTag An annotated tag.
RevTree A reference to a tree of subtrees/files.
RevWalk Walks a commit graph and produces the matching commits in order.
RevWalkUtils Utility methods for RevWalk.

Enum Summary
RevSort Sorting strategies supported by RevWalk and ObjectWalk.

Package org.eclipse.jgit.revwalk Description

Walking revision graphs (commit history).

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