Distributed file system based repository storage.


Interface Summary
BeforeDfsPackIndexLoadedListener Receives BeforeDfsPackIndexLoadedEvents.
DfsPacksChangedListener Receives DfsPacksChangedEvents.
ReadableChannel Readable random access byte channel from a file.

Class Summary
BeforeDfsPackIndexLoadedEvent Describes the DfsPackFile just before its index is loaded.
DfsBlockCache Caches slices of a DfsPackFile in memory for faster read access.
DfsBlockCacheConfig Configuration parameters for DfsBlockCache.
DfsCachedPack A DfsPackFile available for reuse as-is.
DfsGarbageCollector Repack and garbage collect a repository.
DfsInserter Inserts objects into the DFS.
DfsObjDatabase Manages objects stored in DfsPackFile on a storage system.
DfsOutputStream Output stream to create a file on the DFS.
DfsPackCompactor Combine several pack files into one pack.
DfsPackDescription Description of a DFS stored pack/index file.
DfsPackFile A Git version 2 pack file representation.
DfsPackParser Parses a pack stream into the DFS, by creating a new pack and index.
DfsPacksChangedEvent Describes a change to the list of packs in a DfsRepository.
DfsReader Reader to access repository content through.
DfsReaderOptions Options controlling how objects are read from a DHT stored repository.
DfsRefDatabase.RefCache Collection of references managed by this database.
DfsRepository A Git repository on a DFS.
DfsRepositoryBuilder<B extends DfsRepositoryBuilder,R extends DfsRepository> Constructs a DfsRepository.
DfsRepositoryDescription A description of a Git repository on a DFS.
DfsText Translation bundle for the DFS storage implementation.
InMemoryRepository Git repository stored entirely in the local process memory.

Enum Summary
DfsObjDatabase.PackSource Sources for a pack file.

Package Description

Distributed file system based repository storage.

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