Class FileRepositoryBuilder

  extended by org.eclipse.jgit.lib.BaseRepositoryBuilder<FileRepositoryBuilder,FileRepository>
      extended by

public class FileRepositoryBuilder
extends BaseRepositoryBuilder<FileRepositoryBuilder,FileRepository>

Constructs a FileRepository.

Applications must set one of BaseRepositoryBuilder.setGitDir(File) or BaseRepositoryBuilder.setWorkTree(File), or use BaseRepositoryBuilder.readEnvironment() or BaseRepositoryBuilder.findGitDir() in order to configure the minimum property set necessary to open a repository.

Single repository applications trying to be compatible with other Git implementations are encouraged to use a model such as:

 new FileRepositoryBuilder() //
                .setGitDir(gitDirArgument) // --git-dir if supplied, no-op if null
                .readEnviroment() // scan environment GIT_* variables
                .findGitDir() // scan up the file system tree

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 FileRepository build()
          Create a repository matching the configuration in this builder.
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Constructor Detail


public FileRepositoryBuilder()
Method Detail


public FileRepository build()
                     throws IOException
Create a repository matching the configuration in this builder.

If an option was not set, the build method will try to default the option based on other options. If insufficient information is available, an exception is thrown to the caller.

build in class BaseRepositoryBuilder<FileRepositoryBuilder,FileRepository>
a repository matching this configuration.
IllegalArgumentException - insufficient parameters were set.
IOException - the repository could not be accessed to configure the rest of the builder's parameters.

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