Uses of Class

Packages that use FileSnapshot File based repository storage. 

Uses of FileSnapshot in

Fields in declared as FileSnapshot
static FileSnapshot FileSnapshot.DIRTY
          A FileSnapshot that is considered to always be modified.
static FileSnapshot FileSnapshot.MISSING_FILE
          A FileSnapshot that is clean if the file does not exist.

Methods in that return FileSnapshot
 FileSnapshot LockFile.getCommitSnapshot()
static FileSnapshot path)
          Record a snapshot for a specific file path.
static FileSnapshot modified)
          Record a snapshot for a file for which the last modification time is already known.

Methods in with parameters of type FileSnapshot
 boolean FileSnapshot.equals(FileSnapshot other)
          Compare two snapshots to see if they cache the same information.
 void FileSnapshot.setClean(FileSnapshot other)
          Update this snapshot when the content hasn't changed.

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