File based repository storage.


Class Summary
CheckoutEntry Parsed information about a checkout.
FileBasedConfig The configuration file that is stored in the file of the file system.
FileRepository Represents a Git repository.
FileRepositoryBuilder Constructs a FileRepository.
FileSnapshot Caches when a file was last read, making it possible to detect future edits.
GC A garbage collector for git FileRepository.
LockFile Git style file locking and replacement.
ObjectDirectory Traditional file system based ObjectDatabase.
ObjectDirectoryPackParser Consumes a pack stream and stores as a pack file in ObjectDirectory.
PackFile A Git version 2 pack file representation.
PackIndex Access path to locate objects by ObjectId in a PackFile.
PackIndex.MutableEntry Represent mutable entry of pack index consisting of object id and offset in pack (both mutable).
PackIndexWriter Creates a table of contents to support random access by PackFile.
PackLock Keeps track of a PackFile's associated .keep file.
PackReverseIndex Reverse index for forward pack index.
RefDirectory Traditional file system based RefDatabase.
ReflogEntry Parsed reflog entry
ReflogReader Utility for reading reflog entries
ReflogWriter Utility for writing reflog entries
UnpackedObject Loose object loader.
WindowCache Caches slices of a PackFile in memory for faster read access.
WindowCacheConfig Configuration parameters for WindowCache.

Package Description

File based repository storage.

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