Reading/writing Git pack files.


Interface Summary
ObjectReuseAsIs Extension of ObjectReader that supports reusing objects in packs.
PackWriter.ObjectIdSet A collection of object ids.

Class Summary
BinaryDelta Recreate a stream from a base stream and a GIT pack delta.
CachedPack Describes a pack file ObjectReuseAsIs can append onto a stream.
DeltaEncoder Encodes an instruction stream for BinaryDelta.
DeltaIndex Index of blocks in a source file.
DeltaStream Inflates a delta in an incremental way.
ObjectToPack Per-object state used by PackWriter.
PackConfig Configuration used by a PackWriter when constructing the stream.
PackExt A pack file extension.
PackOutputStream Custom output stream to support PackWriter.
PackWriter PackWriter class is responsible for generating pack files from specified set of objects from repository.
PackWriter.Statistics Summary of how PackWriter created the pack.
PackWriter.Statistics.ObjectType Statistics about a single class of object.
StoredObjectRepresentation An object representation PackWriter can consider for packing.

Enum Summary
PackWriter.PackingPhase Possible states that a PackWriter can be in.

Package Description

Reading/writing Git pack files.

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