Interface PostReceiveHook

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public interface PostReceiveHook

Hook invoked by ReceivePack after all updates are executed.

The hook is called after all commands have been processed. Only commands with a status of ReceiveCommand.Result.OK are passed into the hook. To get all commands within the hook, see BaseReceivePack.getAllCommands().

Any post-receive hook implementation should not update the status of a command, as the command has already completed or failed, and the status has already been returned to the client.

Hooks should execute quickly, as they block the server and the client from completing the connection.

Field Summary
static PostReceiveHook NULL
          A simple no-op hook.
Method Summary
 void onPostReceive(ReceivePack rp, Collection<ReceiveCommand> commands)
          Invoked after all commands are executed and status has been returned.

Field Detail


static final PostReceiveHook NULL
A simple no-op hook.

Method Detail


void onPostReceive(ReceivePack rp,
                   Collection<ReceiveCommand> commands)
Invoked after all commands are executed and status has been returned.

rp - the process handling the current receive. Hooks may obtain details about the destination repository through this handle.
commands - unmodifiable set of successfully completed commands. May be the empty set.

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