Class PreReceiveHookChain

  extended by org.eclipse.jgit.transport.PreReceiveHookChain
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class PreReceiveHookChain
extends Object
implements PreReceiveHook

PreReceiveHook that delegates to a list of other hooks.

Hooks are run in the order passed to the constructor.

Field Summary
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Method Summary
static PreReceiveHook newChain(List<? extends PreReceiveHook> hooks)
          Create a new hook chaining the given hooks together.
 void onPreReceive(ReceivePack rp, Collection<ReceiveCommand> commands)
          Invoked just before commands are executed.
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Method Detail


public static PreReceiveHook newChain(List<? extends PreReceiveHook> hooks)
Create a new hook chaining the given hooks together.

hooks - hooks to execute, in order.
a new hook chain of the given hooks.


public void onPreReceive(ReceivePack rp,
                         Collection<ReceiveCommand> commands)
Description copied from interface: PreReceiveHook
Invoked just before commands are executed.

See the class description for how this method can impact execution.

Specified by:
onPreReceive in interface PreReceiveHook
rp - the process handling the current receive. Hooks may obtain details about the destination repository through this handle.
commands - unmodifiable set of valid commands still pending execution. May be the empty set.

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