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public interface PushConnection
extends Connection

Lists known refs from the remote and sends objects to the remote.

A push connection typically connects to the git-receive-pack service running where the remote repository is stored. This provides a one-way object transfer service to copy objects from the local repository into the remote repository, as well as a way to modify the refs stored by the remote repository.

Instances of a PushConnection must be created by a Transport that implements a specific object transfer protocol that both sides of the connection understand.

PushConnection instances are not thread safe and may be accessed by only one thread at a time.

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Method Summary
 void push(ProgressMonitor monitor, Map<String,RemoteRefUpdate> refUpdates)
          Pushes to the remote repository basing on provided specification.
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close, getMessages, getRef, getRefs, getRefsMap

Method Detail


void push(ProgressMonitor monitor,
          Map<String,RemoteRefUpdate> refUpdates)
          throws TransportException
Pushes to the remote repository basing on provided specification. This possibly result in update/creation/deletion of refs on remote repository and sending objects that remote repository need to have a consistent objects graph from new refs.

Only one call per connection is allowed. Subsequent calls will result in TransportException.

Implementation may use local repository to send a minimum set of objects needed by remote repository in efficient way. Transport.isPushThin() should be honored if applicable. refUpdates should be filled with information about status of each update.

monitor - progress monitor to update the end-user about the amount of work completed, or to indicate cancellation. Implementors should poll the monitor at regular intervals to look for cancellation requests from the user.
refUpdates - map of remote refnames to remote refs update specifications/statuses. Can't be empty. This indicate what refs caller want to update on remote side. Only refs updates with RemoteRefUpdate.Status.NOT_ATTEMPTED should passed. Implementation must ensure that and appropriate status with optional message should be set during call. No refUpdate with RemoteRefUpdate.Status.AWAITING_REPORT or RemoteRefUpdate.Status.NOT_ATTEMPTED can be leaved by implementation after return from this call.
TransportException - objects could not be copied due to a network failure, critical protocol error, or error on remote side, or connection was already used for push - new connection must be created. Non-critical errors concerning only isolated refs should be placed in refUpdates.

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