Interface RemoteSession

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public interface RemoteSession

Create a remote "session" for executing remote commands.

Clients should subclass RemoteSession to create an alternate way for JGit to execute remote commands. (The client application may already have this functionality available.) Note that this class is just a factory for creating remote processes. If the application already has a persistent connection to the remote machine, RemoteSession may do nothing more than return a new RemoteProcess when exec is called.

Method Summary
 void disconnect()
          Disconnect the remote session
 Process exec(String commandName, int timeout)
          Generate a new remote process to execute the given command.

Method Detail


Process exec(String commandName,
             int timeout)
             throws IOException
Generate a new remote process to execute the given command. This function should also start execution and may need to create the streams prior to execution.

commandName - command to execute
timeout - timeout value, in seconds, for command execution
a new remote process
IOException - may be thrown in several cases. For example, on problems opening input or output streams or on problems connecting or communicating with the remote host. For the latter two cases, a TransportException may be thrown (a subclass of IOException).


void disconnect()
Disconnect the remote session

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