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Packages that use RemoteRefUpdate
org.eclipse.jgit.transport Transport (fetch/push) for different protocols. 

Uses of RemoteRefUpdate in org.eclipse.jgit.transport

Methods in org.eclipse.jgit.transport that return RemoteRefUpdate
 RemoteRefUpdate PushResult.getRemoteUpdate(String refName)
          Get status of specific remote ref update by remote ref name.

Methods in org.eclipse.jgit.transport that return types with arguments of type RemoteRefUpdate
 Collection<RemoteRefUpdate> Transport.findRemoteRefUpdatesFor(Collection<RefSpec> specs)
          Convert push remote refs update specification from RefSpec form to RemoteRefUpdate.
static Collection<RemoteRefUpdate> Transport.findRemoteRefUpdatesFor(Repository db, Collection<RefSpec> specs, Collection<RefSpec> fetchSpecs)
          Convert push remote refs update specification from RefSpec form to RemoteRefUpdate.
 Collection<RemoteRefUpdate> PushResult.getRemoteUpdates()
          Get status of remote refs updates.

Method parameters in org.eclipse.jgit.transport with type arguments of type RemoteRefUpdate
protected  void BasePackPushConnection.doPush(ProgressMonitor monitor, Map<String,RemoteRefUpdate> refUpdates)
          Push one or more objects and update the remote repository.
 PushResult Transport.push(ProgressMonitor monitor, Collection<RemoteRefUpdate> toPush)
          Push objects and refs from the local repository to the remote one.
 void BasePackPushConnection.push(ProgressMonitor monitor, Map<String,RemoteRefUpdate> refUpdates)
 void PushConnection.push(ProgressMonitor monitor, Map<String,RemoteRefUpdate> refUpdates)
          Pushes to the remote repository basing on provided specification.

Constructors in org.eclipse.jgit.transport with parameters of type RemoteRefUpdate
RemoteRefUpdate(RemoteRefUpdate base, ObjectId newExpectedOldObjectId)
          Create a new instance of this object basing on existing instance for configuration.

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