Package org.eclipse.jgit.transport

Transport (fetch/push) for different protocols.


Interface Summary
AdvertiseRefsHook Hook to allow callers to take over advertising refs to the client.
Connection Represent connection for operation on a remote repository.
FetchConnection Lists known refs from the remote and copies objects of selected refs.
PackTransport Marker interface an object transport using Git pack transfers.
PostReceiveHook Hook invoked by ReceivePack after all updates are executed.
PreReceiveHook Hook invoked by ReceivePack before any updates are executed.
PreUploadHook Hook invoked by UploadPack before during critical phases.
PushConnection Lists known refs from the remote and sends objects to the remote.
RefFilter Filters the list of refs that are advertised to the client.
RemoteSession Create a remote "session" for executing remote commands.
TransportBundle Marker interface for transports that supports fetching from a git bundle (sneaker-net object transport).
UploadPackLogger Logs activity that occurred within UploadPack.
WalkTransport Marker interface for an object transport walking transport.

Class Summary
AbstractAdvertiseRefsHook Implementation of AdvertiseRefsHook that advertises the same refs for upload-pack and receive-pack.
AdvertiseRefsHookChain AdvertiseRefsHook that delegates to a list of other hooks.
AmazonS3 A simple HTTP REST client for the Amazon S3 service.
BaseConnection Base helper class for implementing operations connections.
BasePackFetchConnection Fetch implementation using the native Git pack transfer service.
BasePackPushConnection Push implementation using the native Git pack transfer service.
BaseReceivePack Base implementation of the side of a push connection that receives objects.
BaseReceivePack.FirstLine Data in the first line of a request, the line itself plus capabilities.
BaseReceivePack.ReceiveConfig Configuration for receive operations.
BundleWriter Creates a Git bundle file, for sneaker-net transport to another system.
CredentialItem A credential requested from a CredentialsProvider.
CredentialItem.CharArrayType An item whose value is stored as a char[] and is therefore clearable.
CredentialItem.InformationalMessage An advice message presented to the user, with no response required.
CredentialItem.Password Prompt for a password, which is masked on input.
CredentialItem.StringType An item whose value is stored as a string.
CredentialItem.Username Prompt for a username, which is not masked on input.
CredentialItem.YesNoType An item whose value is a boolean choice, presented as Yes/No.
CredentialsProvider Provide credentials for use in connecting to Git repositories.
CredentialsProviderUserInfo A JSch UserInfo adapter for a CredentialsProvider.
Daemon Basic daemon for the anonymous git:// transport protocol.
DaemonClient Active network client of Daemon.
DaemonService A service exposed by Daemon over anonymous git://.
FetchResult Final status after a successful fetch from a remote repository.
HttpTransport The base class for transports that use HTTP as underlying protocol.
JschConfigSessionFactory The base session factory that loads known hosts and private keys from $HOME/.ssh.
JschSession Run remote commands using Jsch.
OpenSshConfig Simple configuration parser for the OpenSSH ~/.ssh/config file.
OpenSshConfig.Host Configuration of one "Host" block in the configuration file.
OperationResult Class holding result of operation on remote repository.
PackedObjectInfo Description of an object stored in a pack file, including offset.
PacketLineIn Read Git style pkt-line formatting from an input stream.
PacketLineOut Write Git style pkt-line formatting to an output stream.
PackParser Parses a pack stream and imports it for an ObjectInserter.
PackParser.ObjectTypeAndSize Type and size information about an object in the database buffer.
PackParser.UnresolvedDelta Information about an unresolved delta in this pack stream.
PostReceiveHookChain PostReceiveHook that delegates to a list of other hooks.
PreReceiveHookChain PreReceiveHook that delegates to a list of other hooks.
PreUploadHookChain PreUploadHook that delegates to a list of other hooks.
PushResult Result of push operation to the remote repository.
ReceiveCommand A command being processed by BaseReceivePack.
ReceivePack Implements the server side of a push connection, receiving objects.
RefAdvertiser Support for the start of UploadPack and ReceivePack.
RefAdvertiser.PacketLineOutRefAdvertiser Advertiser which frames lines in a PacketLineOut format.
RefSpec Describes how refs in one repository copy into another repository.
RemoteConfig A remembered remote repository, including URLs and RefSpecs.
RemoteRefUpdate Represent request and status of a remote ref update.
SideBandOutputStream Multiplexes data and progress messages.
SshSessionFactory Creates and destroys SSH connections to a remote system.
SshTransport The base class for transports that use SSH protocol.
TcpTransport The base class for transports based on TCP sockets.
TrackingRefUpdate Update of a locally stored tracking branch.
TransferConfig The standard "transfer", "fetch" and "receive" configuration parameters.
Transport Connects two Git repositories together and copies objects between them.
TransportAmazonS3 Transport over the non-Git aware Amazon S3 protocol.
TransportBundleStream Single shot fetch from a streamed Git bundle.
TransportGitSsh Transport through an SSH tunnel.
TransportHttp Transport over HTTP and FTP protocols.
TransportProtocol Describes a way to connect to another Git repository.
TransportSftp Transport over the non-Git aware SFTP (SSH based FTP) protocol.
UploadPack Implements the server side of a fetch connection, transmitting objects.
UploadPack.FirstLine Data in the first line of a request, the line itself plus options.
UploadPackLoggerChain UploadPackLogger that delegates to a list of other loggers.
URIish This URI like construct used for referencing Git archives over the net, as well as locally stored archives.
UsernamePasswordCredentialsProvider Simple CredentialsProvider that always uses the same information.

Enum Summary
PackParser.Source Location data is being obtained from.
ReceiveCommand.Result Result of the update command.
ReceiveCommand.Type Type of operation requested.
RemoteRefUpdate.Status Represent current status of a remote ref update.
TagOpt Specification of annotated tag behavior during fetch.
Transport.Operation Type of operation a Transport is being opened for.
TransportProtocol.URIishField Fields within a URIish that a transport uses.
UploadPack.RequestPolicy Policy the server uses to validate client requests

Exception Summary
RequestNotYetReadException Indicates that a client request has not yet been read from the wire.
ServiceMayNotContinueException Indicates a transport service may not continue execution.
UploadPackInternalServerErrorException UploadPack has already reported an error to the client.
UploadPackMayNotContinueException Deprecated. use ServiceMayNotContinueException instead.

Package org.eclipse.jgit.transport Description

Transport (fetch/push) for different protocols.

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