Uses of Class

Packages that use EmptyTreeIterator
org.eclipse.jgit.dircache Reading and editing the directory cache (index). 
org.eclipse.jgit.treewalk Walking and comparing directory/file trees (of commits, file system). 

Uses of EmptyTreeIterator in org.eclipse.jgit.dircache

Methods in org.eclipse.jgit.dircache that return EmptyTreeIterator
 EmptyTreeIterator DirCacheIterator.createEmptyTreeIterator()

Uses of EmptyTreeIterator in org.eclipse.jgit.treewalk

Methods in org.eclipse.jgit.treewalk that return EmptyTreeIterator
 EmptyTreeIterator AbstractTreeIterator.createEmptyTreeIterator()
          Create a new iterator as though the current entry were a subtree.

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